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No sensation, only standing contracts – Lavrov on Russia’s weapons supplies to Syria

17.05.2013 05:16

Russia’s weapons supplies to Syria are fully in compliance with the law and do not give the government troops any advantage over the rebels, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said commenting on the hype in Western media.

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Anonymous user 30.05.2013 14:19

Putin knows hand to hand what really going on in Syria and who its trying to destroyed the region

Anonymous user 19.05.2013 05:57

Bypassing communication its ease, Back to old school messaging lmao.
scratchin beard meing its a GO.

Anonymous user 19.05.2013 05:51

Well said BAM.

Anonymous user 19.05.2013 03:58

Russia . U R great. One thing though no need to be apologetic to these devils called USA/Israel.


Bam Solano 18.05.2013 17:01

Israel a bunch of bullies thanks to the west that allowed them to strike neighboring countries when ever they feel like dead wrong if Russia or other countries were to do the same how about if Russia strike Israel then see what will be the out come of that good luck Syria kill all those terrorists


Bam Solano 18.05.2013 16:55

Russian knows the importance of what's happening in Syria first hand and knows that the west with Israeli are the one that are destroying Syria with they so called militias group they form from afghan turkey Jordan Iraq and so on if they intervene its going to be twice as worst as Iraq what good they did in removing saddam Israeli like to accuppy land that doesn't belong to them Israeli are more interested in the golan area so they could built like they doing in Gaza with the Palestine they need to stop the aggression with the Arab people that doesn't have the weapons to defend themselves


George Rizk 18.05.2013 16:42

Russia needs not to justify sending arms to Syria. America never justifies sending arms to Israel? Even so that Israel agreed to take permission from the U. S. if it uses American arms in offense, they still failed to give notification! While Syria never used its arms to attack other countries! They merely defend their country from foreign intruders, yet the Western media fail to clearly say that

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 16:39

Russian missiles, unlike American ones are precision-accurate; entire crummy US navy/airforce, POOF!

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 16:35

Russian missile technology is far superior to anything so-called "west" has got

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 16:30


Anonymous user 18.05.2013 16:28

Observe what capitalism and the VERMIN who own it, have done, and are doing: MILLIONS HOMELESS

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 16:23

"continental usa" is VERY SOON going to be majority population Latino (and also 80 million Blacks)

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 15:58

Kosovo has got Islamic Terrorist Puppet "government&quo t; and one of biggest US military bases in world

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 15:56

In Kosovo the few remaining Sebian enclaves are terrorized by the NATO so-called "security forces"

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 15:54

Where is "No Fly Zone" over illegally annexed by the Rothschilds/Jew-USA- NATO Serbian Land Kosovo???

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 15:49

Go ahead.
Syria's conflict is pouring into Turkey & Jordan daily. They're supposed to just watch?

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 15:41

How about if the Syrian government announces a 'No-Fly' zone across the continental United States?

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 15:41

The Syria of President Assad is Secular State which welcomes all Faiths except extremists.

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