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Syrian suffering: ‘Rebels armed with US-made missiles’

06.11.2012 18:17

Syrian opposition groups are receiving American-made weapons from abroad, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has stated. Lavrov also sharply denied reports that Moscow is supplying the Assad government with weapon of mass destruction.

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Madeleine Tector 13.04.2013 22:07

This is starting to look and sound like Libya, and we knwo what happened there. No one will be happy until Assad is dead and someone we choose is in office, as in Egypt and Libya, in Egypt it was a member of the muslim Brtotherhood, in Libya it was the muslim Brotherhood, who will it be this time, who will Obama choose, let me see now... we gave guns to the so called reblels in Libya, nothing would surprise me anymore, I hope they just find peace and work together but I don't hold a lot of hope for that.

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