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Americans oppose Syria intervention, as West mulls ‘serious response’

25.08.2013 04:00

As Obama’s advisers have presented options for responding to an alleged chemical attack in Syria, the US president and British PM agreed on Saturday that “use of chemical weapons would merit a serious response.”

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David Holland 07.09.2013 11:56

The U.S. congress and senate has people within them that profit from wars and sell their votes to the defense and war contractors as to put money in their campaigns and back pockets, and Mc cain is one of them in my opinion, as he is always persistant to want to start wars without any evidence. The CIA recruits trains and arms rebels and militants to fight opposing presidents and I hope any and all CIA agents involved in these sanctuaries or emabssies are hunted and killed for their roles in harming UNITY on my planet. Eye for an eye, I want them dead.


David Holland 07.09.2013 11:53

The chemical sarin gas can be given to the rebels by the U.S. intelligence agencies that have training centers in the middle east for opposing militants to oppose leaders like Assad. The U.S. has admitted they have CIA safe houses and embassies that give arms to Al-Queda, Muslim brotherhood and train rebels and arm them with chemical rockets and heavy artillary and weapons to over throw presidents. The U.S. is a divider and always leaves countries in worse shape then before they came with war. The U.N. has been used by the U.S. along with Nato in their divide and conquer schemes worldwide. Americans dont want war!!!


Brandon Carbaugh 27.08.2013 14:50

It doesn't matter what the public thinks here. The public majority is always against foreign intervention in humanitarian crises abroad. Democracy doesn't mean always doing everything the majority wants.

This is a clear-cut case of a nation violating international law and committing atrocities against innocent people. It merits a swift, serious response from the global community.

Yes, "the global community." Those words mean something. Globalization happened; we're all connected now. We don't get to turn a blind eye to things like this because the stock market is shaky or it might make the next election dicey.


Kevin Adell 27.08.2013 02:43

This war or military action will be unpopular in the US. Time has shown we have little to no control over our leaders. The only time they show moderation is when their running for election.


WorkTogether 26.08.2013 19:05

Americans, you should not just oppose intervention in Syria, you should be on the streets by the million, showing your disgust at what your government is doing. If you get in harms way for these actions, it will at least be for a noble cause. At any rate, the fat will be in the fire, as the rest of the world, admiring your guts, will take up your cries. It is only common Americans that can restore the balance by standing up & having the courage to throw out the bum et al on Capitol Hill. They are a pestilence destroying not only the US, but the whole planet. Live up to your history of courage & bravery!


Lingam 26.08.2013 15:45

Obvious question the US media is not asking: Why would Obama be "under pressure" to intervene in a foreign country's civil war if 90% of Americans are against it?

Since there is no "political capital" in this, it is clear that other, HIDDEN forces are applying pressure. Gee, I wonder who, beside the MIC (Military-Industrial Complex) might have and agenda and who might benefit?

An d "THEY" have that kind of power/leverage over Obama, to make him go against his own populace? Awkward questions... with even more awkward answers.


Francklin Nama Manga 26.08.2013 11:06

stop messing around america seek the truht and the truht will set you free


gabriel k 25.08.2013 23:53

Hey Obama,get that piece of junk out of the Syrian coast,or it will turn to scrap metal.


Horus 25.08.2013 19:02

Did you know about the Genocide of 1915-1918 1,500,000 Armenians living in Turkey were eliminated from their historic homeland through forced deportations and massacres.


Carlos E Mijares 25.08.2013 18:26

President Barack Obama is on the right track!


Sharon Storm 25.08.2013 18:14

if israel wants wars, let israel fight them and let israeli's pay the price for their war-mongering. the rest of the world have economic and domestic issues at home that their gov'ts should be attending to instead.


minrkist 25.08.2013 16:01

Citizens of the United States do not support these Humanitarian Wars of Aggression.

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