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Syrian opposition promises to ensure UN inspectors' safety in rebel-controlled areas

23.08.2013 15:53

The Syrian opposition said they will ensure the safety of UN chemical weapons experts as they pass through rebel-controlled areas, adding that their successful arrival at the site of an alleged gas attack near Damascus within 48 hours was ‘critical.’

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fran7 25.08.2013 15:22

Syrian Opposition are an unelected joke and cannot guarantee anything as all the USA backed cannibal rebels are murderous roaming gangs fighting amongst themselves.
They are killing innocent Syrian civilians and trying to blame the legitimate Syrian government which is the oldest propagandist trick in the book.
Mr Assad requested UN inspectors long ago and is currently protecting them in dangerous rebel held places in order to get to the bottom of the latest cannibal poison gas rebel antics in murdering innocent civilians.
The USA government have been acting like vigilantes because of Snowdon's revelations re PRISM.


justnfree 24.08.2013 09:26

Let's see if that promise is good enough for those who are calling UN investigation. Will they prefer to be at mercy of those innocent cannibal alqaeda freedom fighters or stay in protection ruthless army of so called forces loyal to Assad.


Davud Altuntas 23.08.2013 16:42

Well there goes the CW claim! Wonder what they'll try next...


john 23.08.2013 16:41

Why are the UN inspectors not there right now?


d0nj3nko 23.08.2013 16:32

I agree that it is strange for them to say it is critical.. They can manufacture any scene they please in their controlled area! I hope to God these weapons inspectors are decent people with a back bone and credibility and above all intelligence. It wouldn't surprise me if the terrorists killed the inspectors and blamed Assad, they're obviously willing to do anything if they're happy to murder little children either with chemicals or slitting their throats. I hope to God we get the world on the right side of history and against these terrorists, including the biggest terrorist state on the planet israhell! God bless!

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