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Russia ‘regrets’ US decision to shelve Syria talks

27.08.2013 07:13

Moscow has voiced “regret” over a US decision to put off bilateral talks over Syria. Russia has sought to placate calls for military action over the alleged use of chemical weapons, saying there is no evidence of the Assad regime’s complicity.

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Peter Rolland 22.09.2013 10:12

usa the look of a gentleman, a gentle dictator ,with a blade pad to control of all
truth of america, the same as people who don get what they want, and they hold a plate for there head, but now ive they dont get what they want they turn the plate on to fly a drone of other usa command to do what they want. wile the rest is the doing the same as 60 years ago, its not us so why we will matter, ask the same question if there is a usa/europe drone above youre country all what cares.
They will make a legal way other with a big way around the law,to come to get what they want.


Ydarn1k 03.09.2013 17:54

Even China became silent now and Russia isn't able to stand up completely alone to the whole NATO bloc. Correction, actually it can - it still has enough nukes to destroy the world several times but something tells me that won't be the best solution.


Mark Toth 30.08.2013 10:36

Hooray for Putin, we need more dialogue in this dying world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!


Em 30.08.2013 07:00

America's desire for regime change in Syria has nothing to do with this current "chemical weapons" propoganda campain. It has to do with the Syrian/Iranian alliance and Iran's policy of accepting currencies other than the American dollar for oil and gas. When OPEC nations begin to accept currencies other than the dollar for oil products it will be the end of America's dominance in the world economy. see petrocurrency at wikipedia or Iranian oil brouse.


Septimus I Am 28.08.2013 16:12

Muslim? is that them one people we americans should send baby diapers too. im mean from what I can tell muslims are little cring little babys. if America and Russia is dying you muslims are already dead. muslim zombies if you will. muslim times are numbered. like the mayans,greek, and romans. people will forget about you. America Russia and china and the uk run this planet. nobody else. like it or not. if it wasn't for news media 75 percent of the world would have never heard of a muslim. get real


Shirley Swanepoel 28.08.2013 14:38

Frankly, who cares about dying muslims? Let them all kill each other. We have no business with them.


Muhammad Ajmal 28.08.2013 08:32

Do your dirty politics outside the Muslim Lands, Russia Once broken will then be destroyed if they don't learn from their history.
USA is defeated but they still don't understand that they can't conquer Muslims.
If Russian and America want war fight it in Russia or America


Murray Weintraub 28.08.2013 05:42

Putin save us!


Dean Hash 28.08.2013 01:43

Somebody has to stop this maniac that has usurped the USA and its people. There has been to much human suffering and destruction. They are now calling "we the people" extremist and terrorist and have built re-education camps here all across America for the citizens of the USA. If he does not care about his own people how can he care about anyone.


Donald T.M. 28.08.2013 00:41

Russia needs to have more agressive stance just like North Korea because that´s the language the US understands. If Russia contunues with diplomacy all the time, will lose their strategic ally Syria in Middle East. Russia, please stop this soft talk!!!


Boni Perez 28.08.2013 00:23

Russia should stop giving slip serving help to Syria and instead give then some long range missiles to the nation of Syria for self defense !!!!


John Ellis 28.08.2013 00:16

Because of the fiction that "the Syrian opposition did not have the facilities to orchestrate such an attack," this is a logical justification for starting what could be World War Three? Comes now a realization that the only facilities needed are several Howitzer shells loaded with nerve gas and one car to transport. For the Western nations still in the business of colony expansion that would benefit the most from this disaster must be the first ones to be bombed, namely, Israel, Empire USA, England, and France.


Zoro 27.08.2013 22:49

I don't understand why Russian officials calling these criminals from Washington "partners" ??? If they are your partners, then you are the same. What are you afraid off, to die... You are going to have your own casulties, if you continue talking like this. When NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation) attacks you, it is going to be late for you too...are you going to call them parners then?
Me as Serb perfectly know who are we dealling with...devil with human face. Cancer rate in Serbia went crazy after NATO aggresion on Serbia and Montenegro in '99.
World has to stand united against this evil.


Linus Olsson 27.08.2013 22:46

Just get it overwith already! I hope it devolves into a nuclear war where Russia and China fires everything they got on USA & EU (i live in Sweden so i'm prepared to sacrifice myself for the good of the earth) & the US can respond by firing all it's got towards the east. That way these psychopaths claiming to be elected by the people to do service for the peoples best interest would dissapear & the nukes would be gone along with most of life on earth so the planet can start over without this psychopathy that is EU/USrael


Freesaxon 27.08.2013 22:31

Addison Gasper 27.08.2013 22:23...

In other words ...Assad WASN'T behind the attack !

MY 27.08.2013 22:19 post was sarcasm !!!!!!!!!!!


Addison Gasper 27.08.2013 22:23

Freesaxon 27.08.2013 22:19

If Assad WAS behind the attack, why didn't he save himeself the trouble, and just invite the USofA in ?
This is another WMD gambit.
The U.K is keen to get in BEFORE they are proved to be wrong. IF there was the remotest chance of them suffering very high causality they wouldn't be so gung ho!


if assad was behind the attack wouldn't he not want the usa and un there? ya you dont make sense...also how come rt fails to report the news that russia will give the us consequences if the us intervenes. what exact consequences, us media reports it! and russian media cant


Richard Altorfer 27.08.2013 22:20

So missiles fired from an Assad pro base led by assads one legged brother who everyone knows has psychological problems which wasn't assads fault is America's excuse to invade Syria?

I wonder what Russia will do....


Freesaxon 27.08.2013 22:19

If Assad WAS behind the attack, why didn't he save himeself the trouble, and just invite the USofA in ?
This is another WMD gambit.
The U.K is keen to get in BEFORE they are proved to be wrong. IF there was the remotest chance of them suffering very high causality they wouldn't be so gung ho!


Dan Thayer 27.08.2013 21:55

So 'unknown' snipers attack the UN team to stop them from seeing that Assad wan NOT responsible for the chemical 'attack'. This gives fictitious 'grounds for war', American rhetoric-mongers over-hype the lot and, here we go again, more murder in the Middle East perpetrated by the west. I hate being British.

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