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Syria crisis: Moscow reminds US of Iraq mistakes

25.08.2013 23:19

The US sees “very little doubt” Syria used chemical weapons against civilians - something President Obama had described as a “red line.” However, Moscow has reminded Washington of similar mistakes over Iraq, and warned it not to breach international law.

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Peter Combs 01.09.2013 14:11

So far Mr. Obama has provided ZERO proof of who did it...knowing people were gassed is not the same as knowing who did it.

Lets no forget Saddam gassed 100,000 Iraqi's and thousands of Iranians with Chemical weapons sold to them by US companies and were used with delivery systems supplied by the Pentagon...

The US should have smartened up after the Iraq war was all for nothing.


Rafasa Arandas 28.08.2013 01:48

Note to Russia - Syria is NOT Iraq, though both have used chemical weapons. The Syrians want freedom, what's wrong with that?

Are you guys so blinded by conspiracy and hatred for your own government that you can't realize right from wrong?


Brent Parson 26.08.2013 21:24

It's embarrassing to say that i live in the US anymore. Given the option i would leave this country in a heartbeat and forfeit my citizenship so i would never be allowed to enter the US again. I hate being judged by the world based on my governments decisions. I don't support the US starting another war. Why can't we focus on the issues here as opposed to trying to rule the world?


WorkTogether 26.08.2013 20:42

Russia is the brave and noble hero, while the USA is the evil villain! While it is brilliant and welcomed that Russia is now the country people look up to and respect, it is godawfully sad, that the US, which all expected to be the one leading the World into a new era of peace, the US is the villain wishing to shatter and destroy it. Hope eyes are opening... As Bashar Assad, said, many politicians today, few true leaders... God please make the US warmongers come to their senses!


WorkTogether 26.08.2013 20:33

There are none as deaf as those who will not listen! What is clear to all who are listening to Russia's warnings, is that despite the fact that the the whole world has eyes to see (& ears to hear!) that the US will again enter another was based on false pretexts. The US wants to rule the world but is making an abject mess of it all & is fast ending up as the most hated country on the planet. What's not mentioned here is that Saddam Hussein had carteblanche from Bush to use chemical warfare on his own people, while the WMD, supposedly harbored by Iraq, was one of the biggest lies ever sold. Bitter future waiting US!


Robert A Vine Sr 26.08.2013 16:14

Gee, can we get Colin Powell to testify? He's the WMD (chemical) expert, ain't he? Remember the mobil chem labs he told the U.N. and the world about?


fran7 26.08.2013 14:10

It is up to the UN to stop the aggressive behaviour of the USA and UK using scaremongering tactics in the media with their Hysterical warmongering and trying to blame Mr Assad's government for using poison gas when it is the USA backed cannibal rebels who are using it and have been caught with it in Turkey recently on the way to Syria. They have not learned from previous wars which they started with the lies of WOMD and the aid to Egyptian army which ousted the legally appointed leader Mr Morsi in a coup.


Salvatore Vitale 26.08.2013 13:20

The power's that be want in. no matter who used what that's obvious. it's Russia's move now.


Billy 26.08.2013 10:53

The Obama administration is democrat - not republican. Obama the "peace-loving liberal" is the most warmongering President in US history. He's not even a true liberal he is a NEOliberal just like Bush was a NEOcon.


armi 26.08.2013 09:59

here we go again. McCain and his republican war mongers are totally off the charts. America lost in viet nam they lost in Iraq lost in Afghanistan they will lose again in Syria. more money for the war machine. America is becoming the evil empire. America has slipped from a first country to a second world country. the brits are the same. Obama is right !!!!

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