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Syria to allow UN chemical weapon investigators to explore three sites

31.07.2013 19:49

Syria has agreed to let three sites undergo investigation by a team of UN chemical weapons experts to assess whether the accusations that the country employed the devices during the country’s two year civil war carry any weight.

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Murray Bernie 25.08.2013 00:23

I think a US/UK retaliatory cruise missile attack is imminent. The rhetoric coming from London and Washington suggests they will be going down this path regardless of any subsequent investigation. They are going to act before the lie can be exposed by UN inspectors. Putin will have a tough choice to make, the USA would like to embarrass Russia as pay back for Snowden.


fran7 01.08.2013 15:22

Un seems to be in pocket of USA which is providing aid to Cannibal rebels to cause anarchy in Syria which already has a legitimate government. This makes the USA position illegal and in contempt of international law.


Mumtaz Rizvi 01.08.2013 11:06

God Bless Russia and China in their Helping Hand To Syria In The Struggle Against Saudi Sponsored and Western Armed Al-Qaeeda Terrorism


rt-themonk 31.07.2013 23:15

I can live with Britain, France, Germany, Canada and throw in Japan, Israel and South Korea. Add up all those friends and it's pretty good company. And add this..."The number of Cubans leaving their country has increased steadily in recent years, the government reported on Wednesday, reaching levels not seen since 1994..." So...Why are so many wanting to come to the USA???


Hanonymouse 31.07.2013 21:27

Does anyone even believe the United States anymore? I mean apart from Britain, France, Germany and Canada.

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