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US shuts down Syrian embassy, tells diplomats to leave

18.03.2014 16:38

Washington has closed the Syrian embassy and two of its consulates, and has told all Syrian diplomats that they must leave the country, after Damascus decided to call back its mission last week.

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AK 02.09.2014 01:46

Mr. Assad was votedin with over whelming majority. You should leave Syria bloody Americans.


Ursula Riches 26.03.2014 20:44

Johann Kruger 18.03.2014 20:07

How the mass murderer's in Washington DC can describe Assad's government of atrocities is so ludicrous as to make me want to through up.


throw up yep me too the devil is the father of all lies and liars


Ursula Riches 26.03.2014 20:43

James 19.03.2014 09:48

And no doubt William 'Warmonger' Hague will have his nose buried firmly up the back-side of Obama. Salivating at the prospect of another assault.

I can tell you one thing for sure, he'll have a heck of a protest on his hands in London.


Shall we who hate the warmongering campaign against him in his constituency? lololo


Billy Singleton 21.03.2014 04:45

Pretext to invasion.


Peter Pan 20.03.2014 05:13

"I think it's total failure of US diplomacy on the case of Syria"
No, no, no, This is satanists gone mad.


Peter Pan 20.03.2014 05:11

I think it says it all: Daniel Rubinstein.


David Kendrick 19.03.2014 15:21

Fabian Markus 18.03.2014 18:51

I now believe Washington is run by 12 year old children!


Insulting to 12 year old children who are pretty moral, and more intelligent than 20 somethings who have been indoctrinated into ancient fake religions where a belief has overriden the abitilty to tell right from wrong because it is not illegal. In that I will include Satanism, UFO mania, Imperial manifest destiny, Darwinsm, Eugenicists Politics and Free Marketeers. Having a education based in a false belief system is negative education.


Howie j 19.03.2014 14:29

[quote name='Rosangela Martins' time='19.03.2014 09:12']"The Terrorists United States will want to discredit Russia in Syria, it's time for a response from Russia. The Zionists already started with the provocation."[/ quote]

I can imagine a large s300 shipment being loaded as we speak. Putin has made U.S look like a bunch of stooges lately, Always two steps ahead.

I can't wait to see what Putin has up for his sleeve for them in Syria, And possibly Iran.

Or maybe a U.N draft resolution about Israeli attrocities or something ?.

Whatever it is, It should be good. LOL


Howie j 19.03.2014 14:18

"and has told all Syrian diplomats that they must leave the country, after Damascus decided to call back its mission last week."

Let me get this strait, Damascus told it's diplomats to leave America, So America puts out a press release saying they are kicking out the Syrian diplomats for alleged atrocities?.

That sounds like something a little child would do, Not something you would expect from a world power. lol


Cam O'Byrne 19.03.2014 11:55

Rubinstein's got a good gig. Special envoy for Syria - so he can easily stop by in Tel Aviv to catch up with family and get his orders while he is there. Nice . . .


George Costanza 19.03.2014 11:03

What happened to the EU, though? 12-year-olds there too?

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