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Syrian TV host kidnapped, executed by Islamists

04.08.2012 15:43

Syrian state TV host Mohammed al-Saeed has been executed, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. A militant Islamist group has claimed responsibility for the killing.

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Anonymous user 28.05.2013 00:40

I hope the u.s.a. stays out of it. let them all die so they don't focus on israel or the u.s.a.

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 00:35

I hope all the muslims kill each other because they don't believe in the sacredness of life.


Hussein SoetoroObama 17.03.2013 20:33

Islam is a mafia of rapists, pedophiles, thieves and genocidal assassins, just like their prophet Mahomet-Baphomet...n o peace on earth until all these cockroaches are crushed under heel!

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