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UK’s poorest families face hundreds of percent tax rise

31.01.2013 20:03

Under the UK government’s austerity program millions of low income households are facing a hike in their council tax bills of up to 333% a year. New changes are to be introduced this April, while Scotland and Wales chose not to implement the cuts to benef

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mergon 08.06.2014 08:55

The governments theme song is Jerusalem and when you look at it its true ,the poor of this country have been turned into the Arabs in Israel
and the British government is the state of Israel !


Derek Maher 28.03.2014 18:47

Things are really getting down to culling the herd mentality.
The myth that every able bodied person can get a job with decent pay in Europe is getting worn out.
The global market has put paid to that idea.
The closing down of industry in huge swathes of Europe and sub contracting to the east has guaranteed that large numbers of Europes population will never find stable employment. Unless you count shelf stacking on a zero hour contract as being meaningful employment? Got a uni degree? well you may get some regular work somewhere?
If governments were honest they would be handing out suicide pills to cull the masses.

Anonymous user 26.04.2013 22:40

Posting Protocol: Posts will be deleted if they contain racist, slurs - REALLY?

Anonymous user 26.04.2013 22:28

That needs repeating: 11.000 sick & disabled people have died since 2010. Britain in 2013.

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 17:37

From FOI requests it appears that 11K sick & disabled people have died since 2010 in the UK.


Jonathan Thomson 27.03.2013 18:15

@Nicholas Paul Endean. you're gunna try and blame the EU for this????? are you smoking something? this is YOOUR governments fault. No-one elses (except maybe america's, but I don't see you pointing the finger at them!) get and education!


Nicholas Paul Endean 16.03.2013 20:38

We need a saviour.
We need our country out of the E.U
We need to rebuild our self reliance thus create jobs
We need to ropen our coal mines.
We need to take care of OUR country and what being British means ASAP
We need to stand up and be counted,and take back control.
We the people are the ones who have the ability in numbers to change EVERYTHING.


Nicholas Paul Endean 16.03.2013 20:28

This is the very first time,I have EVER doubted my countries decision makers.To date, I've effectively lived with the belief "they" know best.However,as an unemployed single parent,this story concerns me to the point of disbelief.This makes NO sense to me.The end results are what? People are going to go through hel trying to make ends meet...even more than they are already.This must stop.Stuff the marches...stuff the talking...this whole country needs repairing:but from the top down.

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 20:01

im american and i see this same corruptioni startin in the US

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