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Truck with dangerous radioactive materials hijacked in Mexico - IAEA

04.12.2013 09:40

A truck carrying radioactive material was hijacked in central Mexico on Monday, the UN’s nuclear watchdog reported.

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Matthew Robert Dolloff 07.12.2013 02:41

to my knowledge Colbalt 60 admits 1100 curies Idk where you got the data but if it is a fact those people are walking dead


Alleezae 05.12.2013 07:19

For states, it becomes a trend to opt for nuclear as much as possible despite of this fact that its waster radioactive material is equally dangerous to the humanity. If the radioactive cannot bumped up as a nuclear blast in fire but it stealthily and quietly affect the health of people severely. Lots of diseases can occur by loose handling of radioactive material. The after affects are not retained until any medication but it continued for many years. Nagasaki and Hiroshima still contained the radioactive radiations which cause people to suffer badly even today.


eric 04.12.2013 23:46

Dan Worth seems to know more than most about what has been done behind the backs of US citizens, because mainstream news has failed to properly report without covering up or outright lieing!


Kim 04.12.2013 17:10

It must contain cesium137. Goiania, Brazil ring a bell? It should stay in containment as long as nobody gets "curious".


Dan Worth 04.12.2013 16:13

Who makes dirty bombs? USA made some and dropped them on Kosovo. Israel bombed Gaza with dirty bombs. USA dropped some in Iraq. The world should be very worried about USA and Israel's next dirty bombing campaign against humanity. They are giving the whole world cancer with DU. Every man woman anchild should be required to watch the doc "Beyond Treason"


ctrl-alt-del-enter 04.12.2013 14:57

Tell the Mexican Mafia that Israel is Running the Show and ALL of the Cartels will Line Up Together on that one

Besides - the Thiev es obviously thought it WAS a Truck Transmission and will Dump it in the Great NetzalhualCoyotl Swamp


Daniel Sargent 04.12.2013 14:50

willam007 04.12.2013 14:44

Some of you commenters should study and educate your self and stop being an internet troll. if you have a map read it so you would know that Mexico is no where near Israel neither dose this article mentioned Israel.


If you were informed, you would know how deep the israeli intel is infested in Mexico.


willam007 04.12.2013 14:44

Some of you commenters should study and educate your self and stop being an internet troll. if you have a map read it so you would know that Mexico is no where near Israel neither dose this article mentioned Israel.


oskarD 04.12.2013 14:22

The Jews will use this to set up the Sinaloa Cartel putting them on Américas Terror list!


Dan Worth 04.12.2013 14:21

If Israeli intelligence blames this on someone we know they are the ones who did it.


Clovis 04.12.2013 13:50

Looks like a transmission off a 71 MACK. Dirty bombs anyone!


Proud Atheist 04.12.2013 13:28

"Isaiah Rodriguez" for President of the United States. I think he could exceed G.W. Bush.


Suzanne Fritsch 04.12.2013 13:22

Opps! Lets see where this cargo ends up.


Jason Bedard 04.12.2013 13:11

It's the fallout that causes more casualties and makes the area uninhabitable. A nuclear blast is destructive and terrifying but fallout is silent and even more destructive. Probably just more US Corporate Regime hysteria to build up to a false flag attack.


shawn 04.12.2013 12:38

Isaiah Rodriguez 04.12.2013 10:23

IRAN is so poor they thought they could convert a Cartel member for hundreds of thousands. COMPARED to the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS the US would pay to sniff them out. OUT OF SHEER pleasure. It costs us nothing. We'll print more money. Iran cant even print toilet paper! lol Pretentious stooges trying to act mighty. LIke a bean claiming to have rights of a massive pineapple. Iran is stupid because they expect respect for being "diffrent" or "soverighn" ; ; You earn world respect, ....


print toilet paper? No one prints toilet paper..u fool


Anon Wibble 04.12.2013 12:28

Not only that, but smoke alarms contain radioactive isotopes, but Iran isn't allowed to have them!


Only Truth 04.12.2013 12:09

Iran can't have nuclear power but every hospital can have nuclear material? Thanks US and Israel. Youre so smart.


Only Truth 04.12.2013 12:06

Isaiah rodriguez is either a foolish troll or he thinks that somehow he is involved with the jewish elite. They arent religious. They dont care if your jewish. They only care about power. Your irrational comments would make them laugh in glee that they fooled you into supporting them. Either way, go take a hike, and jump off a cliff while your at it.


Simplysam 04.12.2013 11:53

Isaiah Rodriguez 04.12.2013 10:01

how many false flags have been realized? How many people belive that term? NO ONE. NOTHING NO Media outlet. False flags are an individuale stance, not international discussion


Buddy stop breathing ur wasting precious oxygen.

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