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Thousands march in Tunis to protest Morsi ousting (PHOTOS)

13.07.2013 19:01

Several thousand people gathered in the Tunisian capital of Tunis on Saturday to protest the Egyptian army’s overthrow of former Islamist president Mohamed Morsi. Demonstrators waved Tunisian and Egyptian flags while shouting anti-military slogans.

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Anonymous user 15.07.2013 09:28

Will America's policy cause Egypt to run into the open arms of Russia?


George Rizk 14.07.2013 21:56

Islam has many interpretation, some are nice and peaceful, and some are fascist and barbaric. During the last few hundred years, Islam has been interpreted someway closer to peace and coexistence in most Muslim nations. Then the sudden wealth from the oil embargo flooded Saudi Arabia a few decades ago. To keep their thrones, the ragheads needed to pacify the people to keep them from rising up. They exported fanatic barbaric Islam to all Muslim countries, and the West under the guise of charity. That so called xenophobia/charity had effectively created so much havoc all over the world through Muslim terrorism.

Anonymous user 14.07.2013 16:38

Hundreds NOT "thousands" ;. Essentially a non-event.


Hamza Ali 14.07.2013 01:38

Tunisia is different country you reetard

Anonymous user 14.07.2013 00:38

they march against, then they march for Morsi.
Maybe they should make is like Korea north and south.

Anonymous user 14.07.2013 00:12

Only ask how much the acre is in former Palestina and for help
we all pay and finished.

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 22:06

a bunch of sheep gathered by ruling party Ennahdha

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 21:54

Let the Wahhabists fight it out as long as they say out of Syria.

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 20:51

to which the Living God of Jesus Christ has called them...

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 20:50

of their heart be enlightened that Islam may know him better, in order that they know the hope

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 20:47

The spirit of wisdom and revelation that they may know the Living God better. I pray that the eyes

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 20:46

I keep asking the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Glorious Father that he may give Islam

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 20:36

Is there anyone out there to help me to eradicate islamic religion? I go cash from George w bush


Jack Docherty 13.07.2013 20:36

russia is too shy because they have been interfered with too much. russia needs to loosen up and then they will find that we all love russia

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 20:30

19:49 I wonder what exactly do you want from the world and Russia, maybe to shout something?

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 20:28

i must say i love the russia today website, keep up the good work

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 20:27

Because Morsi was sending his thugs to Syria...

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 20:25

islam and democracy cannot coexist, islam is facsism

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 19:49

The world including Russia silent on the Egyptian coup and on Snowden.No guts Putin!

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