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Hundreds of protesters clash with police in Turkey amid mass trial (PHOTOS)

18.02.2013 15:22

Police used water cannon and pepper spray to disperse a crowd of demonstrators outside a prison complex on the edge of Istanbul where the mass trial of hundreds of people accused of scheming to topple the elected Turkish government was postponed.

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Deniz Gec 05.08.2013 19:21

ergenekon its a political case.because all the people who get life imprisonments are against muslimbrotherhodd cabal member erdgans otochotic rules n Turkey..and this cabal is supported by the brit and us secret services all in the misse east..after all its set up against socialist Mustafa Kemal the founder of Turkish Republic and the first president of the country and their followers..

Anonymous user 01.06.2013 20:00

the ones are all killed & the ones are giving up there arms
oneday will join the .go figure

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