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Turkish court blocks govt attempt to control judiciary

27.12.2013 15:31

A Turkish court has blocked a government attempt to force police and prosecutors to disclose investigations to their superiors. The move comes amid a high-profile graft scandal that has brought down members of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s cabinet.

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Iqbal Halani 28.12.2013 00:36

What is not well known is Erdogan and his AKP took a $10 BILLION bribe from the saud/wahabi to open Turkeys borders for bandars operatives to enter Syria. Treason and high level corruption, laying the foundation for the final breakup of the remnants of the Ottoman Empire. Ocalan should by now know the overture to the Kurds was simply to save fighting on two fronts, whilst erdogan "if you love your country you should be ready for war" put boots on the ground in Syria for NATO. But that plan is now in tatters and the fate of a saakashvilli awaits him in 2014.

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