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​350 officers hit in Turkey police crackdown amid political crisis

07.01.2014 11:58

Some 350 Turkish police officers have been sacked or reassigned overnight in Ankara in the latest move to shake up the police force, local media report. It follows a high profile probe into alleged corruption in PM Tayyip Erdogan’s government.

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IHA 18.01.2014 17:44

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a Prime Minister for Republic of Turkiye.. ! He is our chosen one & ourself determination..

but Fethullah Gulen's Community (the cemaat) is acting like a modern terror organization! They are attacking our State - our goverment ! Because they are dogs ,FETHULLAH GÜLEN & his community Cemaat - Hizmet is like elkaide terror organization..but their methodology is a bit different

B e careful All the world!


Solmaz Tavsanoglu 09.01.2014 09:04

I hope all these corruption and bribery cases have resulted in the resignation of AK Party government. Mr Erdogan is screaming in order to stay in power. All these sacking police showed his struggle to run the country. but ordinary people now know what sort of the government they have had


Tamer Kirac 07.01.2014 19:35

These are troubling times for Turkey.

It is hoped that the process provides some learning to legislators, judiciary, press/media and politicians.

Surely, its citizens will make their choices in the upcoming local elections, as well as the national ones next year. How nicer it would have been, without these recent scandals.

Reading the news, one can not but think of Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, except in Turkey's case the shock may need to be political, rather than economic.


brian david 07.01.2014 18:12

Disliked by the West and Russia , Erdogan should align with the Chinese to survive.

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