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Dozens arrested as Turkish police raid private addresses in Ankara, Istanbul

18.06.2013 08:25

Turkish police are conducting raids on left-wing groups in Istanbul and Ankara, making dozens of arrests. The unrest that has gripped the country for over two weeks shows little sign of abating, and the government has threatened to deploy the military.

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Anonymous user 13.07.2013 22:28

When the govt treats citizens like terrorists, the govt becomes the terrorist - inboth US and Turkey

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 14:58

Erdogan could make balance islamic and secular society

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 14:14

Water cannons should be banned as there are reports of toxic chemicals in the water(state terrorism)

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 05:12

Erdogan is an ego-maniac fundamentalist who imposes his beliefs upon the people.

Anonymous user 18.06.2013 23:18

What incompetance to lose all international credibility because of a local planning dispute

Anonymous user 18.06.2013 22:48

Ahhh the hypocricy, he lambasted Assad, the dif is terrorists were in Syria as we now know.

Anonymous user 18.06.2013 22:46

Such a pity, Islamic rulers reverting to type in the end. Ataturk must be turning in his grave

Anonymous user 18.06.2013 22:33

Now the tyrant of Istanbul will be forced to show his real colors with door to door rape squads.

Anonymous user 18.06.2013 22:13

I don't think there is total freedom anywhere in the world

Anonymous user 18.06.2013 21:49

Turkey may commit what may be inadvertently called a “glorious massacre”

Anonymous user 18.06.2013 21:48

In our Tv they just try to expose Erdogan as
No fried ? Why ever ?

Anonymous user 18.06.2013 21:05

Compliance with the US empire inevitably leads to this sort of unrest. Privileged elites vs masses.

Anonymous user 18.06.2013 19:49

Turkish goverment is subordinated to usa interests

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