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‘Baseless rumors’: UK denies soldiers mutilated corpses in Iraq battle

03.09.2013 05:02

UK army officials have denied claims soldiers mutilated the bodies of insurgents and abused Iraqi detainees in a 2004 battle. Members of the military branded the testimonies of Iraqi witnesses as ‘baseless rumors’ to discredit the US-led Iraq invasion.

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Colin Cronin 04.09.2013 12:51

I am sick of people trying to malign our soldiers for sickening behaviour when the sickest behaviour is always done by members of the ROP. Also what about the way Russian troops behaved in Chechnya.

A s for the way the ROP acts try this for instance


SSD7 04.09.2013 09:42

Sad that the word of those in the receiving end never is never believed or heard. Those that did the damage have never have publicly apologized for their crimes against Iraqis.


AmericanX 04.09.2013 05:00

A soldiers life is hard.

The Court now endeavours to make it harder.

Sti ll wondering why we don't win Wars?


Mensa Graham 04.09.2013 00:05

Depends upon what one's definition of mutilating is. If it is beheadign your advesary then it might be mutilation. If it is hanging form a bridge then it might be muutilation. Crucifiction counts as mutilation also.

The real mutilation is being killed by a bullet first dipped in pigs blood which I have been doing since I started working in the arms factory making .223s. Doesn't that make the virgin smale for all the dead boys?


SourceKnown! 03.09.2013 21:20

These UK / US army drones, have been stripped of their morality and individuality, it's why they cannot live with themselves. They will kill without question, do you honestly believe they will not lie?
If those at the very head of the army and government can get away with clear and undeniable war crimes, what can the cannon fodder get away with?

Witho ut brutality and insanity, there is no war! rapists, murderers, torturers, paedophiles, psychotics and lunatics are just what the military are looking for!

We are all responsible for our actions and will be judged apon them,most are not worthy to wipe a dead donkeys @ss


Mohammed 03.09.2013 17:45

I was operating a security company in Iraq before we invaded and occupied Iraq. I had access to almost all the military camps as well as most of the Iraqi ministries and lived among the Iraqis. I along with dozens of Americans, British, German, and italian soliders and officers have witnessed the atrocities that can not be imagined the Western "civilzed" invaders are capable of. Mutilation of Arabs was something overly enjoyed by the "Christian Crusaders doing God's holy work" as they engraved crosses on the bullets and the barrels of their guns to shoot the Arabs as "game" similar to Vietnam, Cambodia and the rest.


Neville Thomas 03.09.2013 11:20

There are to many admissions by vet s of mutilations etc theyhate the iraqis


Kevin mcHugh 03.09.2013 08:57

The UK soldiers accused of brutality and other heinous acts? I don't know. What I DO know is that any war brings out the very worst of savagery in man against his fellow human beings. Every nation, no matter how noble, how pure its motives for going to war are going to face this almost inescapable problem. Safeguards, of course, will be there and enforced by law. However, in the heat of battle men are taught to become unthinking animals. Consequently, man's best option is to use war only as a VERY FINAL resort!


Kevin mcHugh 03.09.2013 08:42

The G20 summit is coming up in St. Petersburg shortly. Now THIS shall be interesting! I have always maintained that the only man to keep his reasoning faculties in working order, in this "Syrian" scene of wild confusion, is Putin. Obama, in comparison, looks like a new born turkey looking for the dinner plate. Let's hope Mr Putin sense and sensibility shall prevail and a sense of decorum and honesty be maintained!

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