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UK detains Greenwald’s partner under Terrorism Act, confiscates electronics

18.08.2013 22:55

The partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald was held at Heathrow airport under the UK Terrorism Act for the maximum time allowed before pressing charges. Amnesty International dubbed the move an unwarranted revenge after Greenwald revealed NSA spy programs.

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trx 21.08.2013 04:54

Greenwald and Miranda are obviously closeted terrorists who must be sent to the nearest American torture camp... I mean beautiful American rendition/vacation resort.


fran7 20.08.2013 07:25

USA rules the roost here in UK as is proved by the siege of Equadorian Embassy in London designed to intimidate MrAssange. It is a complete waste of Police time and I only hope the USA government is picking up the Bill for it. Mr Miranda and Mr Greenwald are courageous individuals acting in the true spirit of investigative journalism.


Zina Antoaneta 19.08.2013 17:52

At least this incident shows it as it is: the war on terror as the ruling elite's thin pretext to crash dissent...


Mike 19.08.2013 17:16

Whilst I hate the current UK government:
Any country would do the same thing when they believe you to be in possession of classified material, its how intelligence works, its not much use if the intelligence is public knowledge. Its more a poor reflection on Miranda who chose a flight path stopping at territory he has access classified information on, kinda like walking into a police station with a severed head and complaining you were locked up.


Mike 19.08.2013 16:47

Peter Boyle 19.08.2013 16:43

Nor is GB likely to survive once Scotland exits. Both NI and Wales want their freedom from English domination also.


Scotland - Around 35% likely to vote for independence.
NI - All of GB wants rid of NI apart from half the population of NI
Wales - No real independence movement worth noting.

Not much intelligence on your part there.


Mike 19.08.2013 16:44

logical-americ an 19.08.2013 16:20

This is so odd in application... It's ok to write a story about Greenwald's homosexual lover but not ok for an athlete to paint her nails in a rainbow pattern?


It's because the Russians are now playing the US game of committing human rights abuses whilst simultaneously attacking human rights abuses of others. And some people on here seem to think Russia is land of the free and logical when its in fact a pit of working poverty/corruption and the west is looking to emulate this model for the benefit of the global capitalist masters.


Peter Boyle 19.08.2013 16:43

Not much 'intelligence' on display here. Did they think detaining Miranda would scare Greenwald into silence? The US and GB consider themselves 'Special Cases' and regular rules should not apply to 'Exceptional' countries. Time for charges to be made at the UN and the International Courts against both countries. Also time for internet traffic to be routed away from these two rogue nations. They have too much control and not enough oversight. This is not the American Century anymore. Nor is GB likely to survive once Scotland exits. Both NI and Wales want their freedom from English domination also.


Tessa Curtis 19.08.2013 16:06

So this is how our Government treats those with the temerity to stand up to the Americans. Wonder if our media will stay as disgracefully silent as usual?


V Pete 19.08.2013 15:56

Isn't it clear that anti terrorism laws that were pushed through on a wave of hysteria are being abused and need to be repealed? Certainly the confiscation of laptops and personal equipment goes on everyday with many citizens. We just don't hear about it. Laws they told us were going to protect us are being used daily to harass law abiding citizens, old people, and children.


Nigel Beggs 19.08.2013 14:08

jeff strehlow 19.08.2013 13:29

But what makes them exceptional people is that they are putting themselves in danger anyway for the common good.


That's called 'courage.' It's a personal characteristic that seems to have dissipated in America until the heroics of Manning & Snowden reminded the whole world that not every American has a chip implanted in the nape of their neck. The rebellion from within is the virus the US corporate fascists & ruling elite fear most. It's proof that the actions of a single person can have transformative consequences. There are many more Snowdens to come.

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