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Amid energy crisis, Britons turn to self-powering gym

Published time: January 03, 2014 14:06

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Energy prices in the UK have been rising so fast it prompted a national debate on how to keep electricity supplies in check. In a bid to solve the problem, a British gym has started harnessing the energy of its users to generate its own electricity.

The customers sweating in this Bristol gym are not just sweating to burn calories – they’re generating electricity at the same time. The technology used here is used to turn the exercise machines into mini-power generators.

“Our electricity bill, for example, is 8,000 pounds [$13,000] a month. With the new equipment that’s come in, we are seeing it reduced by about 1,500 pounds [$2,500] a month. For us, it’s quite a significant saving,” Jason Eaton, the gym's general manager, told RT’s Polly Boiko.

Installing the energy-efficient equipment is better not only for the company, but for the environment as well. The idea is so simple it’s hard to believe that only one equipment manufacturer has so far embraced it.

For more, watch the report by RT’s Polly Boiko.

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Jason Bedard 05.01.2014 19:59

It is a little bit of energy from each person but it does add up. The DC motors in these exercisers are typically 750 watts and can generate 35 amps per hour. With typical use for 20 minutes a person can generate about 10 amps. Not practical for home use but in a large scale gym you can get a lot of energy. Also if you're looking to build a large home wind turbine the motors from these are great to use.


Albert Scuttlebutt 04.01.2014 12:58

Free and unlimited electricity, leaving no enviromental or ecological degradation, would have had a very detrimental effect on a hugely profitable industry. For his amazing efforts in discovering and harnessing this energy, his financial backer, J.P. Morgan, withdrew all support forcing Tesla into bankruptcy and ruin. Even after his death, all the patents and research of Nikola Tesla were confiscated by the US goverment and held in absolute secrecy to this day and beyond...

Now, who thought Marconi invented wireless radio or that radio controlled electric "drones" didn't exist in the 19th century (yes, 19th!) ???


Albert Scuttlebutt 04.01.2014 01:41

Their arguments suggest that a run in the park would be saving a lot more energy...
...perhaps it's not about ecology at all ?

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