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‘Frack off’: Protests grow against shale gas drilling in UK

19.08.2013 05:16

A tiny village in the English countryside saw extraordinary scenes Monday as police waded in to forcibly disperse a peaceful anti-fracking protest. Hundreds of locals and eco-activists are protesting the UK government’s support for shale gas drilling.

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Karlin 31.08.2013 02:21

Thomas and Mr.Karbon - please answer me this: how do the fracking chemicals get to the deep Shale gas if not by passing by the "shallow underground aquifers"?

Already, before the massive increase in USA fracking, one in five fracked wells leak within 20 years - imagine how sorry the Americans living near fracking operations are going to be in 15 to 20 years.


Boris Roscin 21.08.2013 10:41

Why protesters are fighting against 'safe fracturing'? 1. 5% of new wells are already leaking (USA) 2. Number increases to 18-30% within 20 years. (60% for offshore gas/oil wells - UK, Russia) 3. Main reason: concrete casing cracking due aging, aggressive fluids and pressure built up (as not all gas/oil is recovered). 4. 50% of water with toxins is not recovered, stays in well and leaks out together with oil/gas 5. Gas/oil/toxins leaks poison ponds, land and underground water (USA). 6. Gas escapes into tap water (USA) 7. Other 50% of toxic water is not 100% recycled, some is left on site and forms a red pond (USA).


Boris Roscin 21.08.2013 10:19

It makes me laugh when people say that 'fracturing is safe', 'it happens deep underground and poses no problem to water', 'it is Russian Gas Supplier, who doesn't want more competition'. Why? Because they read only yellow press, never been to extraction site or bothered reading reports on conventional method of gas/oil extraction (which is almost the same apart that in fracturing chemicals are pump into the ground and 50% of them are not extracted). Statistical data on conventional extraction shows that 5-7% new wells are leaking. Total number increases to 18%-30% within 20 years due to concrete cracks.


Tomasz Mendyk 20.08.2013 11:35

There is no risk of poisoning ground water. Shale gas is deeper then ground water. It’s hard to mix the ground water with chemicals. In US shale gas extraction hadn't caused earthquakes or water pollution but caused economic growth


KingKarbon 19.08.2013 18:56

This is a fairly shallow oil exploration well, it may be fracced if it discovers commercial oil. Many such small wells have been fracced in the UK.
Even if it were a deep shale gas well, it would pose no risk to pottable water supplies. Coal mining has caused minor earthquakes in the UK for a century.
This protest is being run by disingenuous professional troublemakers.
Shame on RT for naked promotion of the interests of a certain Russian Gas supplier, who doesnt want more competition!.


DS 19.08.2013 16:21

Fracking destroys the watershed for future generations. We have no right to poison future settlers because of our greed. Same with nuclear energy. Both can/do poison the environment for hundreds, if not thousands of years.


RayOne 19.08.2013 12:44

When winter comes, and it will.
The sky will darken, and the poor can turn to their leader and cry.

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