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UK austerity spurs switch to junk food, studies say

04.11.2013 11:23

As Britain continues to suffer from a slump in real wages, the population is moving away from the consumption of fresh produce and is instead resorting to fatty, sugary or processed foods, according to new research released Monday.

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Ean x 05.11.2013 11:37

"This means that a basket of goods and services that cost £100.00 in September 2012 would have cost £102.70 in September 2013"

This is rubbish. At one time food items used to go up a few pence but I've noticed on many items have gone up 20p, 50p and £1 or more in some cases, almost overnight.


Tyrant 05.11.2013 09:05

[quote name='Jason Bedard' time='04.11.2013 23:26']I could save alot if I went to Hardee's everyday.
[/quot e]

What you don't understand is that your body needs more than just calories to sustain itself: it needs vitamins, minerals, Obesity that comes from overconsumption of fast food isn't because the person is eating too much per se, it's because obesity is a form of malnutrition which will cause health problems beyond the affordability of most people.

You can cook meals at home that are far cheaper than fast food and is much more nutritious than the garbage sold at fast food restaurants.


Jason Bedard 04.11.2013 23:26

I could save alot if I went to Hardee's everyday. The $5 dollar box meal contains all the calories you need for one day. 2 double Cheeseburgers: 1060 calories, 1 small fries 320 calories, 1 fried apple pie: 270 calories , 20 oz. soda 200 calories. 1,850 calories total. Add a few packets of free ketchup packets and a free refill of soda for a total of 2160 calories and your will over the 2000 calories needed for one day. I'd save money on gas and not having to cook, clean dishes & refrigerate the food. The savings are extreme. It certainly would make a clear choice if money is that tight and it is for most these days.


Kitty Kagas 04.11.2013 18:57

just put a burger van outside your house in any street of england and u make money


Capucine Altier 04.11.2013 18:54

When people stop killing billions of animals for food things will change miraculously in this world. Animal food is not what we really need. Instead we need the green the way cows consume it. Not only we are going to be healthy but food will be much cheaper ad a result, suffering of animals will be ended and world will become ecological. And we r gonna stay healthy. Its not true u need a animal protein. In fact u dont at all and its not healthy.

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