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UK operates secret Middle East web surveillance base - Independent citing Snowden

22.08.2013 23:59

The UK has been working on a secret Middle East web surveillance base which is a part of a $1.5 billion project, a new report suggests. It intercepts and gathers emails, telephone calls, and web traffic for Western intelligence.

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Ben Douglas 23.08.2013 06:40

Egypt? Israeli Sinai? Saudi Arabia? Just guessing...


Winslow Wilson 23.08.2013 06:33

Meanwhile, Fukushima is worse now than it was 2 years ago and the poison is creeping along quietly into the food chain around the world.

Even people working in the NSA have to eat food. Even the elite of the world must drink water, milk and wine. This contaminant knows no barriers and crosses all thresholds.

Only a fool fights in a burning house. The 1.5 billion dollars being spent for the surveillance project would be better spent handling Fukushima's problem first.

Yet I see vast bank vaults & gold bars in a blue-green color of radiation. Roaches are climbing across them.
All Hail the new king of Earth


sobhi Elsafady 23.08.2013 06:26

FreedomOfSpeec h 23.08.2013 06:10

It is... Spying... on other countries !


T hey're trying to colonise the countries anyway so it's basicly spying on the colonies. This is why the people should step up and wake up !


computerenigma 23.08.2013 06:24

Type Mountbatten Wilson Coup into a search engine. One change of government, maybe a birthrate change and a predominance of Muslims, or a far right party elected? They will only need to take one look at the data that they have collected on you over the years and your 'ordinary guy' theory may suddenly make you an enemy of the state overnight. Sympathisers are labelled, and rounded up, locked in compounds, and left there, your family is threatened etc. Imagine what Adolf Hitler would have achieved if he had access to personal data on this level, on a global scale.


Jari Sundell 23.08.2013 06:16

Pretty much every submarine cable in the region (and from Asia) goes through the Suez Canal, or rather over land for that part, and uses to points of entry on each coast.

In Alexandria those are just some 40 km apart and seems ideal for interception.


FreedomOfSpeech 23.08.2013 06:10

It is... Spying... on other countries !


Dom Rice 23.08.2013 05:49

Gerry God is not dead. God is not also religion. The world is going crazy due to humanities actions. Its called karma. Only fools think this means God is not.


computerenigma 23.08.2013 05:34

There is no such thing as National Security, it is a myth. The objective is not to keep you secure, it is to keep the wealth of the elite secure. Governments do not care if you live or die, you have no value to them. What they will do, however, is ask, or tell you, to fight their wars to protect their interests, or to gain access to new resources that they can exploit. This is the way that the world has operated for centuries. A dead individual has no freedom, and never will have. Am I so important?, yes I am, I am more important than anyone else on this planet. I am me, this is my life, and I bow to no one.


K K Singh 23.08.2013 05:31

USA and allies like UK spending billions of USD to control world natural resources but rising revolt by dissatisfied citizens and maintenance of surveillance, military base will disintegrate US and others like ex-USSR shortly!!


Shezhevinyesky 23.08.2013 04:43

Now he's leaking intel on other countries as well? This guy's nuts xD

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