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NHS may collapse unless elderly give up hospital beds – Health Minister

14.05.2013 15:23

Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) will collapse unless action is taken to improve care for elderly patients outside of hospitals to free up much needed beds for other inpatients, Health Minister Norman Lamb has warned.

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janelle barabash 21.10.2013 02:08

this was planned way back when Margaret T, the Iron Lady, was Prime Minister. Not only did the conservatives see it coming, they planned it.
I am surprised Cruz hasn't used this tragedy to attack the Affordable Health Care Act.

Anonymous user 15.05.2013 17:39

Heres an idea, legalise euthanasia for people who have no quality of life and care for the elderly!

Anonymous user 15.05.2013 10:10

How about funding it properly instead?

Anonymous user 15.05.2013 08:14

Yeah.. not like anyone could see this coming for thirty years and could have built more facilities..


John 15.05.2013 07:35

I think that when our beurocrats talk about,"The elderly", taking up space in hospital beds, they seem to be forgetting who it is who has paid for those beds for the last 65 years and more. If they have their way "The elderly" will continue paying for them until they die. Then, of course, those, "elderly" who happen to have saved a bit of money will be paying more tax after death. When socialist politicians used to say that we would be looked after from cradle to grave, they really meant it, but they should have said, stitched up from cradle to grave.


Victoria Bingham 15.05.2013 02:38

..'The system is becoming dysfunctional and we need to do something about it'. Right. Let's import it to America and call it the 'Affordable Care Act'.


Matt Proctor 14.05.2013 20:04

don't they have euthanasia on the books, just make it mandatory for extended stay patients and wallah the hospitals will be empty. think of the savings, bureaucrats___ i mean comrades.


John 14.05.2013 19:15

Get rid of the managers and accountants, divert money wasted on weapons and overseas aid and allow the medics to do their job without beurocratic interference. Get the Matrons back in charge and instil discipline in those nurses who are slackers. This is a problem where we need to go back to basics, don't blame people for getting old, blame the government and their masters, the Banksters.

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 18:52

The only way to make In-Home Medical Care less costly than In-Hospital is to Lower Standards of Care

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 18:33

The mark of a civilised society is how they care for the eldery. the Uk is now barbaric.

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 18:02

UK flooded with israelis with 20 kids, free housing, food, etc


Sanjib Goswami 14.05.2013 17:15

UK can spend billions of Dollars on upgradation of Trident, billions in military operation in Afghanistan, Iraq.....billions in Libya & Egypt....but they cannot spend money for NHS and looking for old people to vacate beds. Funny thing is that the old people need NHS help much more than the other spectrum of the society. I hope UK govt will re-think the management of NHS again. Providing money to the own country is much better than invest in fight thousands of miles away or other countries with corrupt govt that completely waste the money (??).....!!

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