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MI6 chief: Snowden leaks 'damaging,' put intel ops 'at risk'

07.11.2013 14:24

The head of MI6 Sir John Sawers told the committee of MP’s and peers that Edward Snowden’s leaks have been “very damaging” and have put operative’s lives at risk. He also blamed the Guardian for publishing material that compromised national security.

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Milt Farrow 31.08.2014 00:19

Let's print the "Downing Street Memos" and we will see these 2 British pukes run for the Scottish hills!


kanavelov andropv putin 30.08.2014 05:24

All Snowden did was expose the US UK deceit and LIAR yes read the upper caps LIAR...Shame on you Uncle Sam deceit and LIAR LIAR...
K A Putin

It just lights the fire of seething animosity to see the US UK bully's spewing out the propaganda.


Jessie Dows 21.06.2014 15:20

tommy27 16.11.2013 10:48

There is an obligation to report wrongdoing and waste in government., even when they say that operative’s lives are at risk, and adversaries are rubbing their hands with glee, al-Qaeda is lapping it up. I've told these numbskulls a million times not to exaggerate.


yeah ... more like ....


Jeffrey Grimes 19.11.2013 17:10

The only thing Snowden's evidence is damaging is the advance of the NWO and police state agendas. Which NONE OF US WANT FROM YOU BARBARIANS.


francis lavelle 08.11.2013 15:02

They keep on about needles in haystacks , conclusion stop building haystacks and keep your needles in a safe place.


rogirl 08.11.2013 04:31

Snowden leaks shows the extent of illegal snooping by govt agencies, and Britains jobs worth Andrew Parker is only making the situation worse by saying that "Snowdens leaks damaging". Mr Parker you are in a hole and the best advice to you is to stop digging,


William Webb 08.11.2013 01:29

Snowden thought he finally got some dirt on these superiors that would make him look good. The surveillance he was snooping on was legitimate surveillance needed to protect national security. He acted like an ACLU hack, blatantly violated his oath and will be prosecuted.


j.innes 08.11.2013 01:25

Given that something the scope of all of this, one would assume that it would be impossible to believe that it would not all come out at some point, especially with all the fraud in London, so what was all of these guys' plan when it did? Were they going to pretend that they have the high road when it comes to stealing peoples' intellectual property? Seriously are they not having some other phone hacking scandal involving the police in the UK?


Shaun 08.11.2013 00:33

34 terrorist attacks thwarted in the UK, amazing, wasn't that exactly the same number that the NSA stated they'd stopped in the US also?


Hermann Helmholtz 08.11.2013 00:25

Sir Iain Lobban, if you don't mind!

He was knited with the highest possible decorations for a non-military servant of Her Majesty this year. He now should appear dragging a funny long blue robe decorated with gold thread, and an even funnier hat as:

"A Knight of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George."

He must have rode to Westminster on a horse with a jost in his right hand, and feathers hanging from his extremeties.

Andrew Parker, the MI5 Cheif is Mister Parker. He could have arrived at Westminister on a vegetable cart surrounded by sacks of rotting vegetables and fruits, or not!


Carlos 08.11.2013 00:15

Hamish Cameron 07.11.2013 23:03

I wouldn't know better if it wasn't for channels like RT.


Its quite a challenge to get anywhere never the truth nowadays. I see the main stream media in the UK and US presented in two ways. The BBC in its current incarnation as a mothering news channel or Fear mongering with the likes of Sky. Most channels focus on the Fear mongering!


Carlos 07.11.2013 22:55

Yanni Sorolov 07.11.2013 20:27

So the UK officially admits that it is a police state.


Its not just a police state, The aim of the five eyes (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and US) is what Mussolini called "corporatism&qu ot; the merger of Nationalist State and Corporate enterprise or corporate fascism!!


Carlos 07.11.2013 22:51

giovannino settebellezze 07.11.2013 21:10

Its time to give money to the english homeless intead of playing a little part in the current spying events.


What money exactly! If you take UK public borrowing and combine it with personal debt. The staggering amount that the UK owes is 508% of its economy. It owes 5 times its entire economy in debt. The UK is insolvent, The just have a very good PR machine that tries to convince the rest of the world that its is solvent and a good investment. The only countries worse are the US and Japan in that order


Carlos 07.11.2013 22:43

Hamish Cameron 07.11.2013 22:36

BBC=Baseless Bulls h!t Conveyer .


I remember in the run up to the iraq war the BBC vehemently opposed Bush and Blair's fabricated war. Since them the notion of any independent reporting at the BBC has been suppressed by governmental intervention. With the exception of the Independent, Guardian all other media is in collusion with Business and government.


Carlos 07.11.2013 22:37

Staged lies from Professional liars to a panel in collusion with the liars!!!The British government and its so called ministries of disinformation along with their five eyes counterparts are a disgrace. They trample on the aspiration of many trying to make this planet a better world in which to live. It is not about terrorism (apart from their own). Its about corporate, economic and political global dominance. Every nation that still seeks their independence should oppose these nations with every fibre of their being!!!


D F 07.11.2013 22:23

MI6 chief: Snowden leaks 'damaging,' put intel ops 'at risk?

The caption is laughable- think NANO technology public not this propaganda that somehow listening to cell phones or tapping the internet is high tech- good grief.
Where is this NANO tech- in you home -on the streets - in all buildings public and private- time to wake sleeping beauties

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