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UK intelligence leaders to testify for the first time since Snowden leaks

07.11.2013 03:36

The United Kingdom’s three primary intelligence chiefs are scheduled to testify in front of parliamentary leaders Thursday in what will be the first time they speak publicly on the revelations disclosed by Edward Snowden earlier this year.

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Hanonymouse 07.11.2013 15:48

Yes, I believe some MP's are even using the "Child Pornography" gambit now, speaking about how evil Mr. Snowden, who obviously is in favor of such filth, is enabling child prorn everywhere by revealing surveillance methods. I mean, we've already had the "But spying stops Terrorism!" defense, and the "But spying is for your own good!" defense. All that's really left is child prorn and the final "If you don't do anything wrong, you really have nothing to fear from spying".

Because, the government SHOULD be allowed to have its nose in every pocket, every home, and every conversation. NOT!


Pete Anderson 07.11.2013 14:50

Another dog and pony show for the cameras.


Squandered Liberty 07.11.2013 11:07

All that will come out of this is a repetition of Diane Frankenstein's reinforcing of the point that the privacy invasion of every living person on the planet to ensure they're not terrorists is justifiable; in an English accent.

These people believe to their very core that they are better than us on every level. They are consciously ignorant of any morality and will step on whoever and how many ever to gain more power and status and ultimately ensure the total control over anyone who disagrees with their interests.

Until mass worldwide revolution


Fat Lip 07.11.2013 11:02

hallo Russia, Mr Putin please think about it, the US justice dept can not prosecute anyone with evidence that had no over site unless it was video, so the only reason spying on people is to exploit them, their money, sex, corp spying, stalking, harrasing etc


neil shortland 07.11.2013 11:02

There gonna lie to protect there work,I'd love to have a job to do whatever I liked and when questioned about my reasons for doing whatever just come back with "I cannot answer questions on national security".
Hopefully most people know its going to be a farce before questioning even begins.


nicktrcat . 07.11.2013 10:27

"This is a step forward in terms of transparency."
I don't hear him thanking the 99% for the step forward.


Brent 07.11.2013 09:20

Cameron, refuting the idea that the GCHQ and others have gone too far in their surveillance efforts, has threatened to use his power to stop the press from publishing more details.



Graham C 07.11.2013 07:03

The very fact that the chiefs [altho' they may be just convenient stand-ins for others who be pulling their strings] agree to appear in the media show, is surely a clear indication of their lack of intelligence and the lack of intelligence in UK security services.

A lthough that is hardly anything really intelligent security services in the East have not already realised, and that probably some considerable time ago.

The question then to ask is ...... Why are they not taking/making full advantage of their advantage and not collapsing what would be corrupt ponzi systems of administration?


Michael Ballantine 07.11.2013 05:29

Window dressing. Neither the UK, nor the US has any intention of stopping their gross intrusion into people's privacy. The success of a fascist security state necessitates gaining the knowledge of everyone's activities to anticipate any potential challenge to them. Of course the govt is embarrassed to have its dirty laundry aired on TV but at the end of the day, they will wait for something else to dominate the news cycle and sweep it all under the rug. We need new govts, new political parties and a new vision of the future. This one is much too 20th century.

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