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‘Nothing to do with democracy’: New Ukraine regime makes swift and controversial steps

24.02.2014 06:28

Since the takeover in Kiev, Ukraine is currently undergoing a complete government overhaul as the opposition is trying hard to establishing its own order. The swift and sometimes controversial steps raise doubts about how democratic the moves are.

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Christopher John Walters 27.02.2014 17:35

Ukraine Nationalists know White Russians were not responsible for the Holodomor. If Ukranian and Russian Nationalists study their combined history they should have no problem uniting against the threat of Communism that still lingers.


Alan 27.02.2014 05:09


Where's this witless myth about western politicians backing rioters come from?

At least two US politicians and Catherine Ashton visited Kiev and expressed support for the activists on the street,
And who ever claimed there is one version of democracy?
I do

When a democratically elected government such as that in Ukraine or that which was in Egypt grossly abuse their position and the people have a revolution, should other countries not offer aid?
Try waiting for the next election ?

Offering to help does not constitute abetting riots.
What about morale support ?


penelope powell 25.02.2014 21:25

It's necessary that Russia stop being naive about the US & its puppets. The intention is Full Spectrum Dominance as written in the military doctrine. The NGOs that US sent to Ukraine did their job of destabilization well. For heaven's sake, evict the NGOs from Russia. And stop expecting sweet reason from the criminals who have buried the US constitution & economy. They want to bury you too.


Jehenem 25.02.2014 18:53

"Ukrai ne is no more nazi than Russia, and you guys seem keen to try and peg Ukraine as a Nazi country because they preferred to be close to the west, and is it any wonder."

Last I checked Russia was neither demolishing monuments comemmorating the victory over the Nazis, nor outlawing minority languages, nor having an issue with groups like Right Sektor (aka neo-nazis) in a position to dictate, much less influence policy, nor goverment parties pushing for laws to strip minorities of citizenship over language.

T here's there's the matter of what's going on in Crimea. We shall see how Ukraine handles this, shall we?


Jehenem 25.02.2014 18:48

David Colin Leach 25.02.2014 16:53

Washington would not be happy, and any action they decide to take against Putin would have the full support off the International community.


There would need to be proof of Putin's involvement, beyond he said she said and enough to void diplomatic immunity. You overestimate the capabilities of the international community. Action would never pass UNSC (Russian & Chinese vetos).

Washington lacks the capacity and resolve to interfere with Russia, nor the courage to risk drawing in our Chinese friends. This is why the cold war stayed cold.


Chris McKay 25.02.2014 16:31

They obviously aren't going to be very happy with Russia, I wouldn't expect any sort of ties with Ukraine ever again.

Whil e the west was in there brokering a deal which led to a peaceful resolution Moscow was advising Yanukovich to increase measures to control protesters, aka use more violence on them lol. Which for some reason to Russia counts as 'not interfering', well I think you'll find Ukraine felt very differently about that.

Ukrai ne is no more nazi than Russia, and you guys seem keen to try and peg Ukraine as a Nazi country because they preferred to be close to the west, and is it any wonder.


Mara 25.02.2014 15:20

UnPoeteMaudit 25.02.2014 13:38

I support Assad and his actions.


I can recommend a book by the philosopher Antony Flew called "How to Think". You would hate it but you would learn something. It's for beginners.


UnPoeteMaudit 25.02.2014 13:38

Mara 25.02.2014 13:23

Re "mass murderers", you simply evade the critical question.


I support Assad and his actions. I have never pretended to subscribe to the idea of democracy and the Liberal supersition of 'human rights'. You, on the other hand, like your Western leaders, are a hypocrite. Opulence in the face of poverty? Have a look at the wealth of the American political clans in comparison with life in a Detroit ghetto. Mass murderers? Hiroshima? Vietnam? Iraq? Get out of here, you raving moralist.


UnPoeteMaudit 25.02.2014 13:31

Mara 25.02.2014 13:23

If you had any reasonable pretensions to brains and if you had any evidence, you would have offered that evidence instead of empty insults.


Non sequitur. Please keep your amateur attempts at human psychology to yourself. You have done nothing more than express your opinion that you have found no evidence of this in spite of looking where it is staring you in your face, and I have expressed mine that I have to put this down to deep cognitive impairment on your side. Yes, yes, I can't prove that snow is white either to the one who simply denies it.


UnPoeteMaudit 25.02.2014 13:24

[quote]Occam's Razor is a theory that says the simplest answer is most often the correct answer.![/quote]

That is not Occam's Razor, which concerns the principle of parsimony in causation. In any case, Occam's Razor is not even strictly true, and invoking it proves nothing whatsoever, except perhaps that the one doing so lakcs any schooling in philosophy.


Mara 25.02.2014 13:23

UnPoeteMaudit 25.02.2014 13:07

If that's the case then you are an imbecile, and all further discussion with you is without point. It's that simple.


I'm sure an adult literacy volunteer could help you with the meaning of the word "discussion&quo t;.
If (like Rimbaud) you had any reasonable pretensions to brains and if you had any evidence, you would have offered that evidence instead of empty insults.
Re "mass murderers", you simply evade the critical question.
Not a thinker.


UnPoeteMaudit 25.02.2014 13:23

[quote]Radical Islam is the antithesis of the Judeo-Christian foundation of Western philosophy and government. [/quote]

Th e foundation of Western philosophy is Greek, not Hebrew, and Europe owes more to Athens and Rome in its politcal form than it does to Christianity, not to speak of Judaism. Catholic philosophy itself was built upon Platonic and Aristotelian ideas, and even Judaic philosophy has its origins in a Hellenised Jewry.

Islam is no antithesis to Western tradition in any case, but rather to the modern Western war against tradition.

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