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What to do in Kiev when it revolts: Guide into protesting city

Published time: December 14, 2013 09:44
Edited time: December 14, 2013 11:10

Image from @yaro_rt

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Massive protests in Kiev are affecting the daily lives of the city’s residents in unexpected ways. Coffee shops are selling EU-themed doughnuts while taxi drivers grumble over traffic blocked by barricades.

RT's Aleksey Yaroshevsky delves deep into the urban life of the protest-gripped Ukrainian capital to see how people are dealing with the revolutionary mood, and why some of them are simultaneously against the government and the rallying activists.

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little ninjai 15.12.2013 06:32

EU wants to get ridd of the multinationals and the far right. Far right is represented by a growing population of unemplyed that lost their jobs to the loose "free" market policies of that same ultinationals. Now they sense Ukraine is welcoming them they just want to drop the to you. Putin did exactly what the rich EU countries did and is climbing to success. If Ukraine dont take the multinationals they will start knocking on the door of EU again. Thats why they are so desperate.


Dark Horse 14.12.2013 18:32

Aryan, it's good propaganda for the West, that is why they are zoomed in on the one hotspot.


Aryan 14.12.2013 13:21

For couple of weeks cameras were broadcasting from Kiev city center,only.For couple of weeks,nobody wondered why in a country as big as Ukraine,some TV medias should only zoom on EU hired hands in independence square and ignoring the rest of this big country ,where everything was orderly and peaceful.EU leave.

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