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​Voiding Ukraine’s minority languages law ‘wrong’ – Luxembourg FM

25.02.2014 09:04

The decision of the new Ukrainian authorities to repeal a law giving regional rights to minority languages is a bad move, said Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn. He also criticized a bill which would ban Russian media in Ukraine.

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gabriel k 01.03.2014 02:56

This rush to void the Russian language on the Russian people of Crimea is one of many hostile intentions the thugs of Kiev displayed toward Crimean Russians and Russia it self..there is no doubt that the Crimean Russians are in immenent danger..Putin is absolutely right to take steps to protect them before it is too late.


leonov 28.02.2014 22:08

usa let rt exist ??? is this man posting from a sanatorium


Tamara Gelzleichter 27.02.2014 06:32

Crimea is NOT UKRAINE!!!
Do you, people, even know the difference between Ukrainians and Nationals???- I guess you Don't!!!
Crimea Was NEVER Ukrainian!!!!- Most of the population are Russians!!!!!!!!
Would you, Civilized European countries, like, would want to be under Nazi's rezim?????- Well, so We, Do Not!!!
All US and European press full of Hate!!! Yo Russia or what ever concerns her. You always , always!!! Had double standards!!!
Wel l,guess what?! - Take care of Your country- and don't about something- You Know Nothing, but it I'd just a Habit for you, to say Bad things!!!


Free_DrVojislavSeselj 26.02.2014 21:11

In a way, Russophobic policies are a good thing, they make it politically impossible for Moscow to appease Kiev and carry on with business as before. Compensation however must be addressed owing to the close economic relationship which still exists between two neighbouring countries.
Kiev will look at its options including turning over much more of its arable land to China and US oil companies exploring for shale gas (which will ruin the land but who cares as long as 'Russians' don't get their hands on it.


Bobby Gray 26.02.2014 16:08

Russians crying about "freedom of speech". Thats funny. So they banned russian state media. What is your point? You statist are you biggest hypocrites in the world. Russia bans all types of media through the ministry of culture. What is your excuse? The fact we in the United States even let your little RT operation exist proves our devotion to free speech. The state is always the enemy of the people. It must die.


Alexander 26.02.2014 10:34

Crimeea of 26.100 km 2 was given to Ukraine as a present by Hrushciov in 1954. You should of taken it back after the dissolving of the USSR but in the same time push Ukraine give back stolen land to Romania. You also have the historical right to redress another historical rapt/abuse by encouraging Moldova unite with Romania as Germany did when they united themselves, they are not separate independent countries as Moldova and Romania (same country) are. And get out of trans-nistria which is moldovan territory.


Timour Haynulov 25.02.2014 14:39

If the neo-Nazis that rule Ukraine today dare to use force against the eastern regions of the Ukraine, then the Russian Federation will be compelled to send its forces to defend its people in the Ukraine. Of course this will be met by mass anti-Putin propaganda in the west like it happened during the Georgian conflict, but Russian action will be lawful and I think Russia has enough allies around the world should the United States threaten Russia with another cold-war.


Anton 25.02.2014 14:35

In Luxembourg there are 3 official languages : Luxemburgish, French and German, but there is also Portuguese and as standard English. Children at school, learn German Luxemburgish and German and then French not too long after that they learn English. I like Luxembourg it is a fair country.


Anton 25.02.2014 14:35

If anyone wants to watch a Russian speaking channel in Eastern Ukraine, must have cable or satellite, otherwise, a normal areal does not pick up the Russian channels. Everything is against the Russian language. I am lucky that my children go a school where the teaching is done in Russian and where they learn Ukrainian as second language. This is wrong


Anton 25.02.2014 14:29

the EU and USA wants the whole of the Ukraine pie and not a percent of it, it would be a percent because the majority, although not supporting Yanukovich do not want to have anything to do with Western Ukraine and the other extremist factions. I only wish that the Western media would go to Eastern Ukraine and ask them what they want and what they think. I believe that the majority would answer.

Eas tern Ukraine has so far been the silent majority.


Anette Mor 25.02.2014 13:15

BIG-ONE5 25.02.2014 12:33

general public, is losing hopes on Russia. Because of lack of activity and letting them get away with everything. Wake up bear.


:-) parasites. Russia is losing hopes on you. Russians have thier state to live thier own life well not to police around the world. Want a global change? Do your bit.


Antony Mutua Nzioka 25.02.2014 12:28

Lilly OfTheValley 25.02.2014 12:16

"a bill which would ban Russian media in Ukraine"



an d why don't we first discuss a bill to limit all US cable networks to US territory only ONLY and then discuss the aforementioned later, would that fit you


Antony Mutua Nzioka 25.02.2014 12:09

Andrew Jennings 25.02.2014 11:05

To Lavrov

& ;amp;quo t;Russian speaking Ukrainians" aren't Russian

You r energy would be better served with your family. They miss you and are sick of you not being there at night.

Go home


best guess is that you have no idea who Lavrov is talking about but my advise is that if you have a polish friend with relatives in Poland, tell them to get ready for disaster because the nationalists are coming


Eugene Podolsky 25.02.2014 11:37

Andrew Jennings 25.02.2014 11:05

You r energy would be better served with your family. They miss you and are sick of you not being there at night.
Go home


Same can be said about the people on Maidan, I mean they sleep there, they eat there, they take the krap there... May be they should go back to their families, I'm pretty sure they miss them very much... Unless they have no families, since a normal person can not afford to stay on Maidan for four months and expect to have his job, people can barelly make it as it is. Unless it's a full time job and someone is paying them


Miki Noidea 25.02.2014 11:17

Konrad3 25.02.2014 10:57

Shouldn't they hold elections before making changes?


you are so naive. kiev now doesn't respect legal procedures much. armed militia controll parlament. all resolutions are illegal BUT who cares.


Andrew Jennings 25.02.2014 11:05

To Lavrov

&quo t;Russian speaking Ukrainians" aren't Russian

You r energy would be better served with your family. They miss you and are sick of you not being there at night.

Go home


Konrad3 25.02.2014 10:57

Shouldn't they hold elections before making changes?

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