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Ukraine’s new National Guard raises fears in country’s east

19.03.2014 19:42

The new army of the coup-imposed government in Ukraine has begun training exercises outside Kiev. Although the National Guard’s roles are law enforcement and border protection, many in the country’s east fear the military unit will work against them.

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Hector 18.05.2014 22:18

If you search deeper into the situation you will find that this has always been about attacking Russia and forcing it to bend to USA/EU imperialism ($$).


Rui Moura 05.05.2014 13:23

This region is at the heart of Russia'a origin and History. The people who live in many parts of Ukraine have a Russian "soul" and mentality. The solution could be found if either part would really be interested in finding a way of avoiding the hatred that will come about from attack and counter-attack, revenge and counter-revenge... it will end like in Yugoslavia if talks, such as those held in Geneva, don't put in practise a concrete well planned physical neutral international force (Russia included) that will neutrally patrol Ukraine until the situation is calm... otherwise there will be much more bloodshed.


Rui Moura 05.05.2014 13:23

It is also legitimate to support the East Ukraine for they risk becoming an isolated entrenched enclave with problems of starvation and health such we are seeing in Syria.


Rui Moura 05.05.2014 13:20

Many comments here, pro or against, have something that is right, some reason. However one must admit that the core of the problem is not so much USvsRussia but mostly that there are too many economic and strategic interests on both parties, thus disturbing a calm and civilised outcome. Most parties are more interested in profit and strategic advantage and not so much as solving the problems of the people there. However Russia has far more legitimacy for making it's influence in the region than the US will ever have.


Akkadian Mendaean 17.04.2014 03:45

@ John Cox
I think the greater question would be how much you get paid to spew this nonsense over the internet? How did you become the shill that you are?

Withou t a shred of a doubt this was a coup staged by USA. You have NED heavily involved in aiding and embeding protestors. You have V. Nuland speculating phone conversation where Yatsenyuk was the primary puppet they decided would be installed, and so it happend. If you forgot , Crimea voted overwhelmingly (over 90%) to join Mother Russia. USA is a threat to world peace and has to be stopped. So I am still asking myself a shill or a brainwashed CNN viewer.. hmm...


John Cox 13.04.2014 03:56

It is not a "coup-imposed government" in Ukraine.

Th e government was elected by parliament, after the corrupt former president fled. He was removed from office by vote of parliament - even his own party voted for his removal.

Just as Adolf Hitler annexed Sudetenland and then went on the seize the rest of Czechoslovakia, Putin having annexed Crimea is seemingly planning to take the rest of Ukraine. Putin is a madman and a tyrant every bit as dangerous as Hitler. He must be stopped before he starts another world war.


Rus Tas 01.04.2014 06:52

Pro-American! 23.03.2014 10:11

So Crimea can raise armed citizens, but Ukraine can't?! Hypocrisy


Of course can, I'm sure this guards will take care of ordinary citizens pockets well, what can we expect from the guy who want to die for $300 a month.


Leo Mavers 30.03.2014 11:52

No matter how big the lie; repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as the truth.


Faris Irfan Rizaldi 25.03.2014 00:45

They will be completely independent from the military and police...
Sounds like Waffen-SS heh?


Jean-Ian Simard 24.03.2014 18:13

will the new guard follow orders is the question!they have to if not ukraine will desend into chaos but if they do follow orders ukrainian have a chance to PREVENT a russian assault,not enything else..only prevent


Dartagnan 24.03.2014 08:02

This "national guard" is a kind of SA brownshirts of the new Nazi regime in Kiev. They are ambitionning to become the vanguard of the future Nato-ukrainian army.


Dragan Doktor 23.03.2014 19:14

Poor people....look at their faces.....their faces are honest faces and they do not deserve to go in war....stupied war for foreign interests....

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