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Moscow slams Kiev’s military op order as ‘criminal’, calls for UNSC meeting

13.04.2014 18:21

Russia has called on the UNSC and OSCE to urgently consider the crisis in Ukraine, saying that the announcement made by the Kiev authorities on Sunday to mobilize military forces to put down protests in the south-east of the country is a ‘criminal order.’

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Mikhail R 31.07.2014 18:06

Enough of this killing! Innocent people in Eastern Ukraine suffer and die while politicians and military men feed their egos with blood of good people who only want peace. No more covert wars for Russia or West. Go home and leave these people alone. Chocolate President says they can keep their lanuage and probably allow statehood with own governor. What do you killers want? More dead and maimed children, old women and men? This make you feel like a man? Now, we have sanctions ruining Russian economy, for what?


Ivo Petrović 19.05.2014 12:41

Moscow, nobody takes you seriously any more. You accuse everybody around for the things you are doing yourself.


Liesma Vasbenter 14.05.2014 02:51

- sorry, "features" is redundant - meant faces, or facial features


Liesma Vasbenter 14.05.2014 02:49

How do Russians actually look different from Ukrainians? - to the extent that just masking their faces features will hide these differences? Being neither Russian nor Ukrainian I just wondered how, especially in the heat of battle, one could tell - ?


Suzanne Broussard 20.04.2014 13:55

The U.S. is not a human being. It's ridiculous the way people talk about this evil entity called the U.S. It's time to stop and think clearly and analytically about the meaning of that term. So if you want to destroy the evil U.S. then say exactly who you want to eliminate and whatever is your answer to that question is the term you ought to use instead of 'U.S.' otherwise you are just playing into the hands of the true culprits. Believe me, criminal governments especially like it when innocent people die.


IROQUOIS227 15.04.2014 19:50

get the US the out of other country's business, and stop pushing it's own terrorism worldwide, and things will be much better. the world WITHOUT the UNITED STATES, it's murders, theft, lies, and just plain crime, will be a much better place for all of us


Ivo Petrović 15.04.2014 06:34

Chris Gibbins 14.04.2014 10:12

As obvious as what? Every Ukrainian goes to military training, most own Russian weapons, they are masked for protection from their criminal countrymen.


Civilians after some military training are not well trained and can't be mistaken to those guys. I also don't agree that most of Ukrainians posses Russian weapon. If anybody has it it's some criminals only. And the masks are to hide the simple fact that they are Russians and that it's the same people that operated in Crimea.


Suyanto Ng 14.04.2014 09:37

some this security troops that dismiss Kiev order, may think that Kiev not legitimate leader and unelected by people but by the West? So why must follow their order?
Kiev side already know that will happen so they make they own "security" troops by trained some Maidan fighter and accusation from Moscow about Graystone maybe reasonable. They know there's possibility common security troops will refuse playing dirty as ordered.


Suyanto Ng 14.04.2014 09:24

Accusation toward Moscow about making worst in East Ukraine till now still only rhetoric, still far from truth. Masked armed man maybe some Ukrainian security that dismiss order from Kiev, some this security guy not a robot for simply follow order, remember Berkut unit troops that disband by Kiev? and many gun disappear from Ukrainian security arsenal. And also remember the "democratic puppet" in Kiev not sworn in as leader and not choose by Ukrainian people first thing they do was addresess a threat to rights of another minorities.


Suyanto Ng 14.04.2014 09:10

Some that commenting here look like see MSM as like eating hamburger or chip, they even don't know what false or truth, maybe too long living with MSM they brainwashed i don't know. Every media has potential use by any side to influence their audience opinion, but West media are most biased, spreading more false information than other media i know.


Ivo Petrović 14.04.2014 08:33

Paul Ankin 14.04.2014 06:52

How Moscow who kills and conquers nations dare to call such actions against armed militia taking over governmental buildings as criminal!


Those guys are masked, well trained and organized, and equipped with the recent Russian weapons. The conclusion is obvious.


Arif 14.04.2014 08:04

Correction zionists government in Turkey and Israel!


Arif 14.04.2014 07:54

This looks very much like a false flag operation to keep the Russians tied in a feud with their neighbours in preparation of an attack on Russia's closest allies in the M'east... Iran, Syria, Lebanon. In the meantime there's a build up of warships in the black sea to create some sort of resistance when the attack is launched by the Zionists in Turkey and Israel. Lets see what is to unfold in the next few days!


William Vague 14.04.2014 07:52

Vann Tedd 14.04.2014 07:01

Because Russia is Strong and US is weak.


US is most divided country on earth. 25 yrs ago I met Nimitz sailors on shore leave. The ship was segregated and ghettoised.
Rich ,poor, educated,ill-educate d,redneck,bible basher,oil man,east coast, west coast, celebrity obsessed,hispanic,ir ish, italian," the chosen ones",hippies, dropouts,trailer trash, iraqGI rapists drugged out- a truly diverse nation but can they be united behind a truly warped and evil government agenda.


Holy Davina 14.04.2014 07:51

russian forces should gtfo of Ukraine. Ykraina is an independent country and deserve to not be invaded by komy thugs.


Regula 14.04.2014 07:30

How ironic that the coup government does everything they claimed was the cause for the Maidan protests: police violence, refusal to negotiate, refusal to acknowledge that people want a functioning government, limiting rights of protesters etc. etc.

If Turchinov uses the military/thugs in eastern Ukraine, he will be at his political life's end. There just isn't any democracy that gives the government the right to kill its own people in a civil war for nothing more than a desire for autonomy so they can protect their livelihoods. All Ukrainians at this time are afraid of austerity and the poverty it imposes on them.


Regula 14.04.2014 07:26

The Kiev government is desperate because it can't stop the protests any better than Yanukovich could. the latter agreed not to use military force or live police fire unless in danger for their own lives and found himself chased out of the country. Turchinov will go the same way if he doesn't stop attacking his own people instead of doing something a bit more effective to restore the peace, like actually drafting that promised law and enacting it: federalization of Ukraine, larger autonomy for eastern Ukraine. Short of that Kiev will not only lose easter Ukraine, but also Russian money and cheap gas.


Kerry Leibel 14.04.2014 07:21

OK so Moscow 'slams' a meeting about objecting to exactly the thing they have just done....LOLrediculou s...losers

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