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Germany, Brazil submit UN draft resolution to end mass surveillance

02.11.2013 01:48

Germany and Brazil have submitted a new draft resolution to the UN General Assembly which calls for an end to excessive electronic surveillance, data collection, and other snooping techniques.

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mergon 18.12.2013 12:11

do the german people know that their C,A,N emission system on their vehicles transmits a signal appx 50 ft ? to a digital road sign system , all comms from the vehicle are sent ,gps , do they ever ask why power steering systems have gone over to computer control ? , do they know the vehicles systems can be hacked ,ie gated to cause the vehicle to apply the brakes in any order or the steering can be accessed remotely ? , vehicle number plates ,tax ,insurance,mot ,driver licence details +criminal records and more is transmitted on an auto flag up system !
there is a lot they wont own up to !


Tyler Drum 03.11.2013 23:40

Your list of embassies says both Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. KL is the Capitol of Malaysia. So you may want to edit that.


Danny Hunt 03.11.2013 18:42

But what does Merkel mean exactly? She wasn't at all worried about the mass surveillance until she was affected personally. This leads me to hesitate, somewhat, in what she considers excessive.

I have as much right to not be surveilled as does she. Don't the great majority of us need to be safe from intrusion.


j.innes 02.11.2013 16:40

There does need to be some framework before too many people get swept up in all this surveillance. Privacy is important to families and academics and free thinking people. This is an international across boarder issue so the UN is rightfully one framework to help set boundaries.


Frank Fileccia 02.11.2013 15:49

"The White House is seeking to distance itself from the scandal, intimating the NSA was acting of its own volition. "

That defence didn't work too well in Nuremberg did it?


Frank 02.11.2013 15:00

Dana Rider 02.11.2013 14:56

Its the same tactic they always use, obummer has already stated he takes orders from the U.N., they want it to look like something is being done so that everybody sits back and does nothing.. kinda like congress and senate.




jeff strehlow 02.11.2013 14:57

john robert roworth 02.11.2013 14:05

It is well known 'they all pee in the same pot'


That's true, other countries are involved with this also. The resolution will sets limits on the spying and hopefully the US and other countries will pay some attention to those limits and they will have a positive affect.


john robert roworth 02.11.2013 14:05

It is well known 'they all pee in the same pot'


jeff strehlow 02.11.2013 14:00

Clearly most nations are afraid to defy the US. Although this resolution doesn't have teeth, at least it's something. If it passes with an over whelming majority supporting it, that will send a message to Washington.


Abu Fatima 02.11.2013 11:20

As the article says:

...text of the resolution asks the 193-nation assembly to declare that it is "deeply concerned...

The circulated draft also urges member states "to take measures...

With such lame duck syntax it will be another toothless piece of paper worth diddly to be issued forth from an irrelevant waste of taxpayers' money - the UNGA - after it is watered down even more under pressure from Washington & it's client states sans-Germany. For a UN resolution to have any teeth it has to be from the UNSC. Not in a million years. Nice propaganda though for Angela's & Rousseff's benefit at home.


Iqbal Halani 02.11.2013 10:29

American high officials have a morbid fear of being tried and jailed in other countries. The UN legislation/framewor k should include this as a tactic to prevent the devils from even dreaming of further optical fibre splices on international communications networks.


Brian Wills 02.11.2013 10:22

Secrets, secrets to protect the root of all evil, money..The only way to have equality and peace is to give without measure. If money were eliminated these problems would go away. How about just make sure all are fed and loved? To much?


Delete This Comment 02.11.2013 09:11

Brazil has no influence and Germany is still an occupied country, so what does this matter?


marcus 02.11.2013 06:03

Germany was part of the surveillance state. This must be a joke! Is it April fools day?


paul paul 02.11.2013 05:01

Countries shouldnt be afraid of pointing the finger
at the US whether its the spying or something else.

When a country bows to the US, the US becomes the top dog and the other nation becomes a slave.
This ends with lots of weaker nations and the US.

All the European countries lost their Independence decades ago.

At least Russia and China have some muscle to tell US to chill when required.

F rom UK, Portugal to Poland and Germany,
everyon e of these nations is a slave.

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