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‘Drone strikes killed more civilians than publicly acknowledged’ – UN investigator

18.10.2013 11:04

A UN report accuses the United States of downplaying the number of civilians killed in anti-terrorist drone operations, while failing to assist in the investigation by releasing its own figures.

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Peter Jocus 01.02.2014 20:53

Request a change with a petition:


Peter Jocus 01.02.2014 20:50

Question why in his capacity as president of the USA did Mr Obama get the Nobel Peace prize?


Ean x 22.10.2013 17:08

Bush, Cheney, Blair and Obama et al should all be tried for crimes against humanity. Poliiticians and corportations are the biggest organised crime synidicte on the planet. Obama awarded the Nobel Peace Prize - what a joke! Strip him of it immediately, impeach him and put him on trial.


Harry Hayward 21.10.2013 05:51

Diez Sanchez 19.10.2013 01:19

Never mind this tech can literally see a bad guy pass gas, but the USA would rather kill this person than capture & give them due process! Dead don't talk so no way to find out if an error in judgment was made!


Ignoring the rest of the stuff you said (too much), do you not watch the news? Do you remember the last time the US found a terrorist in a foreign nation and went in to capture him? I do. It was only a couple of weeks ago. The scathing reports over abuse of sovereignty - admittedly, very well founded - are what happen when what you suggest occurs.


Kenneth T. Tellis 20.10.2013 21:39

The Drone strikes by the U.S. are a way to keep Pakistan in fear and control the country. It is the old game of the invader, pretending to help, when his reasons are exactly the opposite.
The U.S. must pull out of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and the Persian Gulf states now, because tomorrow they will most likely leave in body bags.


Ron Darcy 20.10.2013 08:58

They have destroyed this world and the people. As far as freedom, how's communist china working for you? Maybe your the brainwashed one. Where is your next vacation? North Korea? You know nothing about me, where I live and where I have traveled. I am not one of the sheeple you think. Yes I have met plenty of people who speak badly about the US, but in the same sentence they literally say they are on the list for a green card. Are you ashamed to be American also? Like green water? I proudly say I am American.


Ron Darcy 20.10.2013 08:57

Odysseus, the writer said he was ashamed to be American.I know my country is not perfect, but we still are the best! We give the most aid to the underprivileged world. As far as the drone attacks, they are necessary in the current world we live in. Yes there is some collateral damage, happens even more in conventional war. But you are dealing with terrorists that destroy everything and everyone. The Muslim extremists are killing more of their own people than anyone else. They have an agenda that needs to be stopped at all courses. These cowards hide behind woman and children when they fight their evil battles.


Odysseus 19.10.2013 09:59

How ironic Ron Darcy! This article is about how the Amerikan government is lying and covering up the truth. Most Amerikans, like you, see nothing wrong with this. How unfortunate! It is truly amazing that you are okay with your government lying, and yet when Greenwater Scuba tells the truth, you call him a traitor! That is why the USSA is in such trouble! You have been brainwashed into thinking that everyone loves Amerika and all foreigners just can't wait to get in. Wake up, Amerika! I too am a disgruntled American living in China enjoying all the freedoms you have lost. Hahahahahahaha! The joke is on you, Amerika!


Qazi Abro 19.10.2013 08:02

I love people of US. They still have potential to recognise what is right... I hope reformists of the world should coach/develop/empowe r these citizens for an effective role in future. ..


Ron Darcy 19.10.2013 07:47

Green water, you are not an American, just another person bashing our great country, while you wait for your green card to come through. And if you are American, you are a Traitor!


Greenwater Scuba 19.10.2013 07:08

The United States is a lawless country when it comes to drone attacks. They can do whatever they want whenever they want. Bullies of the world. That's why most of the World hates the United States. I'm ashamed to be an American.


K K Singh 19.10.2013 06:52

Although first missile test-fired from a drone occurred in February 2001, it wasn’t until end of 2012 that UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) released data showing that 16 civilians had been killed and 5 injured due to drone strikes during the course of the year
UN is puppet organisation of US! This effort is futile to prove that its independent!

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