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UN concerned by Gitmo hunger strike

20.03.2013 08:39

The UN Human Rights body has finally responded to mounting media coverage of the Guantanamo crisis. In a letter answering RT’s inquiry, spokesman for the High Commissioner said the office was looking into the details of the mass hunger strike.

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Anonymous user 26.03.2013 08:15

America will look back in history with shame just as with the internment camps of WW2.

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 10:27

Problem solved. Terrorists eliminating themselves


Montgomery Granger 24.03.2013 09:20

All unlawful combatant Islamist extremists held at the U.S. detention facility at Gitmo are treated with dignity and respect, and are given a variety of healthy fresh foods to eat every day. Those who choose not to eat are not allowed to starve. While the ranking U.S. Army Medical Department Officer at Gitmo from FEB-JUN 2002, I witnessed the world class medical care afforded the first detainees at the facility, and witness the care and compassion afforded the first hunger strikers as they were force fed. Detainees are trained to disrupt detention operations in this manner. tgomeryJGranger/

Anonymous user 21.03.2013 02:46

This shows the true nature of the US regime. Kidnapping & jaling these people without any charges.

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 23:42

if they want to starve themselves. let them.

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 23:28

The U.N just another gang controled by Israel, through the U.S, u.n is obsolete

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 22:50

we are stripping itself of having the capabilty to be humane,

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 22:31

Dear world, I am so sorry for all the torture and terrorrism that my country has inflicted on you.


Tornuggleman Tyto Alba Alba 20.03.2013 18:26

Why ?
The world is a safer place with these murderous pedofileworshipers and terrorists.
Keep them locked up for my children and the words all people.
Ther is allways a reason why they are kept like Canaries.
And if they don´t want to eat ?
Let them !

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 18:16

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable 
-JF K-

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 17:58

UN to occupy Gitmo. Lets see how well that goes over?

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 15:15

They are living the life of Riley in Gitmo, tea and sympathy is the order of the day.

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 14:51

all these fake and sickening constitution like UN, western far right politician and media cause crim

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 14:43

world do not need UN and its human right, which clearly serve US interest and its plitical tool

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 14:12

how can one expect justice for oneself in the world, when that one creates injustice itself?


JailBanksters 20.03.2013 13:58

Now this is cute.
The International Mafia Fund that is UN's Monetary Enforcement Branch couldn't care less if People can't buy food in their quest for more Money, and the UN is concered about "Terrorists&quo t; going on Volintary Hunger Strike.

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