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Guantanamo an ideal recruitment tool for terrorists - UN human rights chief

27.05.2013 15:24

UN human rights chief Navi Pillay has scolded the US for failing to close Guantanamo prison, warning it “has become an ideal recruitment tool for terrorists.” Pillay also cautioned that curtailing freedoms to fight terror will only worsen the problem.

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Anonymous user 06.06.2013 01:57

hence the reason why gitmo and other dark sites remain open for business

Anonymous user 30.05.2013 22:41

GITMO is a grand success and should not be stopped. The money its making is unbelievable.

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 22:38

Some day Bush, Cheney, Powell, Gonzales, Rice,Rumsfeld,Perle and the rest of the criminals will pay

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 13:20

Teac h em Spanish "
That was probably one of the ideas behind it.

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 13:14

It's all the CIA experimenting with a contagious form of anorexia.

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 12:50

Reduce terrorism? Stop abusing and curtailing human rights and breaching international commitments!

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 10:28

GITMO is the result of "recruitment&qu ot; by extremists . Wake up!!

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 07:31

UN. Just another beggar organization with no real power.

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 05:39

Teach em Spanish and you'll have a Free Cuba Army on your hands, gooooooooooooooal

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 05:35

Thanks for the insight UN, all this time I thought GITMO was a rehabilitation center

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 05:14

Obama is able to get by with more based on race card.

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 05:12

Obama is responsible for renewing Patriot Act & adding more, since taking office

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 04:05

I Look forward to the day when the next usa prisoner is taken overseas. RETALIATION! YEAH BABY!!

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 02:29

10000s of innocent people rotting in other USA death camps. Gitmo is just the tip of the iceberg!

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 02:23

Yeah in dark sites they torture people with power tools. USA is depraved. There is no excuse for it.

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