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Flotilla chill: Turkey kicks out Israel's ambassador

02.09.2011 08:04

Turkey has expelled the Israeli ambassador over an ongoing dispute about the deadly flotilla assault that left nine Turks dead in 2010. This comes after the release of a UN report on the incident that failed to achieve consensus between countries.

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fran7 21.08.2013 10:23

UK should return Gibralta to Spain has it is mainly a military base which the UK cannot afford anymore and Spain is a EU partner so all is well. UK is really just another USA state which means USA really has control of Gibralta with a stranglehold on the Med. Israel is also similar to a USA state could have a Strangle hold on the other side of the Med so its easy to see whats going on here.


fran7 21.08.2013 10:17

The UN report could not have been exact as Israel was attacking an unarmed ship with aid for Palestinian victims of Israel aggression and aid workers then also became victims of Israel aggression who illegally boarded Turkish ship using heavily armed helicopters and troops who then proceeded to assault aid workers on the ship.

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