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UN envoy 'shocked' by UK's 'unacceptable' persecution of The Guardian over Snowden leaks

16.11.2013 15:33

A senior United Nations official responsible for freedom of expression has warned that the UK government’s response to revelations of mass surveillance by Edward Snowden is damaging Britain’s reputation for press freedom and investigative journalism.

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sandy 19.11.2013 17:11

Extreme situations bring out the true colours of governments. Leaking of the massive surveillance being carried out by GCHQ and the NSA has shown both Cameron and Obama for what they are: puppets of an elite who do not want people to know what is being done to them. Note the word 'puppets'. These are the figures behind which the elite carry out their nefarious deeds in seeking to control the world.


Dana Rider 18.11.2013 15:43

Hey U.N. how about addressing mr obama and his endless lies, why does obama get to do whatever he wants to the world? we don't even want him as president, he has the worst approval rating of any U.S. president.


Martyn 18.11.2013 11:20

The key statement came at the end..... "but provide encouragement to non-democratic regimes to justify their own repressive actions,”
Vincent Peyregne, the Chief of the WAN-IFRA, told the Guardian.

T hank goodness we are waking up - though not all, such as those politicians who exist in a separate bubble paradigm who cannot see those looking in on them and knowing ignorance is no long bliss!


sandra 18.11.2013 06:30

Mr. La Rue you are an asset to the UN and to society by making our world a better place with the words you speak. We need you and your opinions. Great leaders are noticed by the people and you are respected. Also, keep up the great work Mr. Peyregne. Without men such as yourself speaking out, you give us hope that life could be good for everyone. Please speak out and put the bad guys on blast and they know who they are. Cameron, you are a disgusting human blood sucker. The people don't need nor want a man such as yourself. A nice suit and your phony smile does not work. God Bless you Mr. Rusbridger, we need you.


groingo 17.11.2013 15:05

Well, when you are the US's Lap Mutt you have to do what your MASTER says!


Alexia Noble 17.11.2013 11:19

Vitale 17.11.2013 09:22

This U.K govt is becoming likable.


Which planet are you living on?


Fredrik Pettersen 17.11.2013 10:58

But... The UK doesn't HAVE a reputation for a free press; they DON'T have a free press, at all. And not in a cynical, jaded "oh, they only think they're free, but really..."-way, they actually literally do not have laws guaranteeing a free press.


Marc Letourneau 17.11.2013 02:38

It make no sense that private corporations have control of the banking, health and energy. There was a quiet revolution in Quebec in the 70's where Quebec people took over the government through election. The first thing they did was to nationalize electricity. Since then, no one wants to go back to the private system. It is a shame to see government so corrupted that their members are just there to collect the money from the corporations that ell them what to do. That is one reason why US is spreading 'democracy': to allows corporations to control the other governments through corruption, they just buy power...


Bruce Behrhorst 17.11.2013 02:07

Just in case anyone came to the party late >>
Announcement: UK-U.S.-France-Canad a are WEAK democracies.


steve 17.11.2013 00:43

Who can you trust anymore? These National Governments are running out of control. I do not see them doing very much for the people they are suppose to represent. Rather it looks like the work for the likes of the big oil companies and various other global corporations, were their bottom line is more important than people. So if these corporations are running the show, the way to correct the corruption of governments is to go after these corporations and take control of them.

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