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‘We don’t need US Embassy in Bolivia’: Morales, UNASUR slam ‘imperial’ skyjack, demand apologies

04.07.2013 20:10

An emergency UNASUR meeting has demanded the governments of France, Portugal, Italy and Spain apologize for forcibly halting President Morales’s plane in Austria due to suspicions Edward Snowden might have been aboard.

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Anonymous user 12.07.2013 15:13

Russia has agreed to Snowden's asylum request and has Magnitsky suite at Butyrka ready for him now!

Anonymous user 08.07.2013 13:46

12 hours wasted in Vienna. Snowden is 'doing indefinite time' until he gets valid documentation...!

Anonymous user 08.07.2013 13:35

Indignation is easy! Will you follow through with actions? What about assylum for Snowden, Morales?

Anonymous user 08.07.2013 02:40

first rise againts the USA government then we can think of againts Russians..u liars!

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 11:58

Let's start an occupy Moscow rally..any body interested?. Let's arise people!!!

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 11:51

I call all right thinking Russians to rise up and demonstrate against Putin iron grip on Russia

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 11:49

USA is not imploding, Russia imploded ages ago. USA should be more brutal.

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 11:47

Stupid Snowden. How can you hate ur country men..and please Putin(DEVIL)

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 10:43

Bravo President Evo Morales for supporting Mr Snowden and Seekers of truth and liberty.

Anonymous user 06.07.2013 22:54

Usa is in a civil war. Class war fare. But sadly 99% is losing. Quatar/saudi, send weapons now!

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