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‘Scientists only understand 4% of universe’

29.07.2012 10:29

Despite all the scientific breakthroughs and Nobel Prizes for discoveries, scientists seem to be no nearer to a possible answer to their main question - why did the universe appear?

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Kristian Stensland 06.01.2014 04:26

"You maintain you do not need any divine help to explain how the universe came to be. So, what is your version? If there was a pre-existing universe"..(not good enough, how did it all start?)..."Or another possibility e laws of physics existed and then the universes just sort of pop off like little soap bubbles that a child might blow". (still not good enough. You didn't explain why we don't need any divine help)


Kristian Stensland 31.12.2013 16:40

2. In a three-dimensional reality which as ours, an limitation of the dimensions in any direction is a contradiction, there will always be something behind. Which well proves that dimensions is a purely subjective phenomenon. "Knowledge is subjective" claimed Kierkegaard. One should therefore reject all "theories" regarding infinity and use it purely subjective. Have you first acknowledged the irrational present – at the same time it opens up for recognition of other possible paradox.


Kristian Stensland 31.12.2013 16:40

1. (Google translate) According to the logical assumptions that science rests on the notion of an infinite universe, is an impossibility. Thus, it is not unrealistic to doubt a hard rationalist dominance - without radically reject sanity. Furthermore, it is not possible to form testable hypotheses beyond the observable universe.

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 09:56

we know 0%

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