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UN: Investigation needed into Syria chemical attack report

21.08.2013 22:03

The UN Security Council (UNSC) said it is seeking “clarity” on recent conflicting claims of chemical weapons use near Damascus, adding that humanitarian aid needs to be provided to the victims as soon as possible.

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gabriel k 24.08.2013 05:59

Somebody made a real good observation point about the people running around helping the supposed victims and others taking pictures immediately after the alleged detonation of the Sarin gas without any protection and they don't seem affected by the fumes which it stays in the air for quite sometime..this whole thing is poorly staged,it can only fool idiots like the French and English.


steph 23.08.2013 00:06

The Israeli Zionist regime had already carried out a missile attack against Eatern Goutha on the 5th of May 2013 in support of its terror mercenary army soon after the area was liberated by the Syrian army, killing over 300 Syrian troops. This was another Zionist Israeli missile attack. Israel wants blood, but most of all it wants Syrian oil ready to be extracted from the newly discovered basin in the Golan Heights region it illegally occupies. No matter if Iran will be dragged into the conflict turning it into a regional war or even if it turns into a global war. All the Zionists want is blood and oil!


james grant 22.08.2013 11:46

This is a crime against humanity, so once the UNSC has accumulated its evidence from both Russian and ‘Western’ Inspectors, it should then show the way forward. Both teams must go investigate together with the media from both powers following their every move. What is concerning at this early stage is that William Hague has a suspect, and is unwavering in his theory based on speculation. This coming from the same English Political Status quo that lied about WMD’s in Iraq – But now the world must believe these ‘outed’ liars?


Commander 22.08.2013 11:24

I suspect that Washington will be able to control the outcome and conclusions of this investigation.


Palmer Eldrich 22.08.2013 11:08

Except its not the late 80's or the early 90's and it just looks retarded.. but hey , when ya need to start a war ya need to start a war., right?


Palmer Eldrich 22.08.2013 11:06

I think what has occurred here is that babies have been thrown from incubators and left to die on the cold floor...


Orbiter 22.08.2013 10:42

The usual pretext for military action is based on the knee-jerk reaction of people who scream bloody murder when they see some shocking footage. This instinctive reaction must be exploited immediately before logic regains control. People are too gullible to realize that any 'act of terror' must have some reason behind it. And the reason is to provoke a certain reaction. What would the reasons be for Assad to use chemical weapons? None. Chemical weapons can't be precisely controlled. It's their major drawback. 1 factory made chemical bomb is enough to kill a small city. Is this the way to fight insurgents? I guess no.


M Canthama 22.08.2013 10:33

Too soon to say anything but not soon to say the Syrian Government had absolutely no reason to do it and even more now. So, the opportunity to use rude CW can be only attributed to the terrorists, they would gain in using it so the Syrian Government could be blamed, this is no brainer and I bet the UN team will find out the answers very quickly id the terrorists allow them to go there and check the rude rocket that launched the thing. Shame on the global media to be biased against Syria.


Tom Tolle 22.08.2013 10:18

Thank you Pavlos Giorkas - a great idea.
And to everyone reading this: The western media
gets more and more censored every day, newspapers in France, Germany and basically almostevery paper from a Nato member country are repeating these lies over and over ( not only about Syria), it is really sickening and its getting worse. There is a real Agenda behind all of this.
Be not mistaken. This is why the social media becomes increasingly important.
Pleas e spread what you know!


jeff beckett 22.08.2013 10:12

Cameron (uk) supplied syria with the chemicals to make the chemical weapons along with traditional weapons...


Pavlos Giorkas 22.08.2013 09:48

I was very upset this morning when I notice that all newspapers in Cyprus were talking about ''Asad's Chemical Attack on Civilians''

The signal from the Western terrorists has been send to all over the world in order to start re producing this lie.

I my self immediately realised the lie, but unfortunately the majority of my coworkers believed the lies.

I'm sharing the article that user Tom Tolle suggested in his comment to all of my Social Media accounts.

I suggest you do the same !


Tom Tolle 22.08.2013 08:47

Part 2 'Dail Mail article': as the link posted below does not work, please look online for these keywords:

Daily Mail - Chemical weapon attack- Blame Assad

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