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Crimea referendum opponents manipulate detached norms of intl law – Churkin

13.03.2014 22:05

Addressing the chorus of criticism at the UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine, Moscow’s ambassador has reconfirmed that Russia does not want any escalation of the Ukraine crisis and is not interfering with the upcoming referendum in Crimea.

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David Marsden 26.03.2014 08:54

america leave the situation alone we in the world want peace


Tom Sullivan 16.03.2014 17:36

Basically the UN/EU/US are simply hypocrites who wish to manipulate international law to their wishes and should be condemned for not respecting the will of the Russian majority population of Crimea. You can bet that if this was about joining the west there would be no outcry from the EU nor the US.


snowonweb 16.03.2014 15:10

Well said Mr. Churkin, well said.


Excited about Boring 16.03.2014 08:33

alexander bobroff 15.03.2014 00:35

Europe is a Balkanstan; the only missing horde is Crimean tartars. give them Shengel visas.


Well, after the hordes of smelly, drunken Natashas landed on Europe - I don't think a hole is left in the European ground to take anyone in, isn't it?


Excited about Boring 16.03.2014 08:23

alexander bobroff 14.03.2014 15:49

To kakakaka,
Muslim s have no place in Europe.


How do You know? You're only a russian not a European...


Uzume 16.03.2014 06:44

This war is about the DOLLARS, UN and EU is going to fall with America. China is doing what it does best, sucking the blood from American peoples. The Ukrainian peoples should wake up from Hollywood, the mother land is Russia. Putin the Great is the Tsardom of 21 Century.


Free_DrVojislavSeselj 15.03.2014 18:36

Ben 15.03.2014 09:48

Soldiers have no right to stop Ukrainians from moving/visiting the Crimea this weekend.


Wait, that cuts both ways, and police and soldiers as well as Nazi paramilitaries have no right to kidnap democratic representatives or shoot protester in the various Ukrainian cities which have stood up to the fascist coup in Kiev.

I don't believe you took that into consideration before reposting instructions from the Colour Revolution guidebook quite frankly.


Free_DrVojislavSeselj 15.03.2014 18:32

Ben 15.03.2014 09:48

I would propose that Ukrainians load up their cars and buses


Yo ur lame attempt at propaganda is refuted by reality of the past couple of weeks. You shouldn't worry about Ukeleles having the freedom to enter Crimea to wave the UA flag, there have certainly been enough of them on NATO-TV.

But you really have to wonder about Ukelele Nazis hiding behind Femen et all to make some cheap propaganda against the Crimeans.


Dario Brignone 15.03.2014 11:55

Mass rally.... and maybe massive bloodshed (as we could see in Kiev, Donetsk and Kharkov).
Now everyone is realizing the trick...


Blackberry 15.03.2014 00:22

kacapkacapov 14.03.2014 18:27

My parents will tell me the same sci-fi soviet strory that you were told continuously :D


Just noticed you've been sitting there posting non stop for 8 hours. I guess you're one of those useless umemployable bludgers.


Blackberry 15.03.2014 00:17

kacapkacapov 14.03.2014 18:27

My parents will tell me the same sci-fi soviet strory


Who's that Mr & Mrs Hitler? LOL


Jerzy 14.03.2014 21:20

Tomasz Sajkowski 14.03.2014 12:29

But what a referendum under the guns of the Russian Army? (Excuse me is that self-defense uniforms, weapons, vehicles, BTR purchased in stores with accessories military)


If Maiden can have its Blackwater/Academi 'activists', then what's wrong with Crimean 'security' forces?

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