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Joint decision: Uruguay prepares to legalize sale of marijuana at $1 a gram

22.10.2013 05:11

Uruguay is set to become the first country in the world to legalize the sale of marijuana at a market price of US$1 a gram. The bill is expected to pass through the senate in November, bringing the $40 million industry under state control.

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Agiofin 11.12.2013 11:40

[quote name='Jose Gonzales' time='13.11.2013 20:34']If Hillary becomes president in 2016 she is going to do some major spanking if Uruguay follows through with legalization.
[/ quote]

Will she then be pres of Uruguay ? ...


Jose Gonzales 13.11.2013 20:34

If Hillary becomes president in 2016 she is going to do some major spanking if Uruguay follows through with legalization.


Darren Hoffmann 06.11.2013 01:29

40 grams each per month? That's maybe a bit much, but hey.. People out there are smoking 20 cigarettes a day.. That's 1.3 pounds a month... Disgusting. The world is finally going in a somewhat normalish direction.


R 04.11.2013 03:06

It is hard to believe that her we are in 2013 and something as harmless as pot is finally being legalized in a few places in the world. Yet something as harmful as the US govt. is still running around killing innocent people and we are just starting to talk about stopping them!
Whew history acts very very slowly!


R 04.11.2013 03:03

Governments are still afraid of Maryjane, they do not understand it, they think you will steel a drone and kill your neighbours if you smoke it. lol


FloatingOnAir 02.11.2013 19:34

I don't understand why you can't buy as much as you want. You can probably walk into a bar and get as much alcohol as you want. I mean, it's a step up from prohibition. But adults need to make up their own minds. Eff the nanny state!


Richard Gomes 25.10.2013 16:38

Putting smugglers out of business. :)
The model is not exactly new: Holland is doing it for decades.


hawaiiguy 23.10.2013 19:03

Where the F is Uruguay? Kidding a beautiful country with less than 20 people per kilometer, that is friggin epic!


Simon Wolfers 23.10.2013 16:37

Inspired and progressive.


Suzanne Fritsch 23.10.2013 12:26



Nick White 23.10.2013 10:20

The requirement to "register in a private database" sounds rather suspect. Think I'd rather take my chances on the street.

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