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Uruguay legalizes sale and production of marijuana

10.12.2013 08:16

Uruguay has become the first country in the world to legalize both the sale and production of marijuana. President Jose Mujica has championed the measure as a way of combatting the illegal drug industry that has decimated parts of Uruguay.

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Jonathan Peterson 15.12.2013 09:52

Truth. We humans are unable to comprehend that drug laws make slaves of every citizen that is why drug laws violate citizen equality. Doctors/pharmacies have an illegal monopoly, but because that monopoly is deeply ingrained in status quo; we citizens are made into sheep by our human instinct program doing its job to protect our survival. Our beliefs that drug laws make us safer are not based in fact. Facts show what prohibition causes; criminal enterprise and oppression through loss of freedom and liberty over citizen rights to self medicate and worse created a master/slave groups enforced by unfair unjust law


Danny Hunt 13.12.2013 21:19

Yeah, Paraguay is worried. A country infested with USA types such as the Bush family.


Danny Hunt 13.12.2013 21:17

[quote name='willam' time='11.12.2013 23:09']Countries around Uruguay should be consign, as it can be grown by any one in Uruguay and then exported to the neighbouring countries were marijuana isn't legalised and more profitable.
[/qu ote]

No. The amount of plants grown is restricted for individuals so there should not be a new availability from Uraguay. Nor, are individuals allowed to sell their marijuana. Also, the purchace of marijuana is limited to only a few grams.


Ben James Yokel 13.12.2013 17:37

I am 57 and have been using cannabis for 40 years. I'm a husband, father, electronics engineer, community volunteer and successful business owner. I vaporize cannabis (no smoke). I am in excellent health and I run 15-20 miles per week. According to the CDC web site no one has ever died from cannabis intoxication in all medical history. How long do we have to suffer the lies and ridiculous nonsense from a government whose own studies have shown cannabis all but harmless by comparison to prescription drugs, tobacco and booze. Stop the lies and Legalize!


Joe Nobody 13.12.2013 07:09

Right On!!!

Good for them!


Bright Mhango 13.12.2013 02:00

Peter Tosh turned in his grave


truthwillout 12.12.2013 17:02

way to go Uruguay, you take the first step, hopeful you will inspire other countries :)


Coinspinner 12.12.2013 04:06

*googles flights to Uruguay*


TATTOO LIVING 12.12.2013 00:57

Yes, freedom is the freedom to overdo it as well and learn from one's mistake. Just leave the gov't out of it 100% and things will improve 1000% -- not bad odds, considering the poor jobs done so far to regulate stoners and those with medical needs.


William Allpress 11.12.2013 22:23

Moving to Uruguay dollar a gram we pay 10 pounds per gram wot a rip off!

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