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Uruguay senate to vote on legalizing sale of marijuana

09.12.2013 15:33

Uruguay is just one step away from becoming the first country in the world to legalize marijuana. On Tuesday, the Senate is to vote on a historic bill that would regulate the production and sale of cannabis for adults at a price of $1 per gram.

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Louie McClellan 10.12.2013 22:54

Marijuana in it's raw form will never be legal in the U.S. why? Because it cannot be patented ( See "The Pot Book" ) among many other issues.


Immortal Illumined 10.12.2013 16:02

the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!13

o nly 20 years behind us Uruguay, welcome to the big boy table, another one bites the dust...

if we cannot find a way, we will make one...



Riwen 10.12.2013 16:00

Tino Martino 10.12.2013 11:54

Even if a majority agree with the law... You can not make morals legal or illegal.


Law is, and always have been, based on moral.


Ilja NB 10.12.2013 13:43

People who cannot leave without some kind of narcotics are weak and pathetic.


Tino Martino 10.12.2013 11:54

Although the US Government will be monitoring this post... I feel compelled to state my opinion! I am from Colorado, where it is now legal to grow, consume, and even buy Cannabis from licensed dispensaries. Just recently the Federal Government which previously stated that it would not interfere with the States rights to govern themselves regarding legalization. However, just a week ago they raided several legal dispensaries.... and found... nothing illegal!! Regulating behaviour shall always be a failure.... Even if a majority agree with the law... You can not make morals legal or illegal.


malcolmkyle 10.12.2013 10:10

The latest Harvard University study, published Dec 4th, 2013 in the journal Schizophrenia Research, adds support to the role of genetic factors in schizophrenia, and states that marijuana use alone does not increase the risk of developing the disorder. The latest findings provide enough evidence for Dr. DeLisi and her team to conclude that "Cannabis is unlikely to be the cause of this illness.”
Sour ce: PII: S0920-9964(13) 00610-5 doi:10.1016/j.schres .2013.11.014 Published by Elsevier Inc.


Champike Mendiz 10.12.2013 09:33

This is Super Crazy ...congrats Uruguan Boyzzz!!!
Hope the Sri lanka gov follow the same spiritual path .....enjoy !!


Carlos Denver 10.12.2013 01:05

Grande Uruguay!


Austin O'Neill-Koch 10.12.2013 00:05

Murica needs Mujicas experiment to succeed


Alan Bernstein 09.12.2013 22:00

Uruguay's legalization is a long-awaited and important experiment. May they see a great success.

As for public support, President Mujica should be our president here in the U.S., where the majority of people now favor the legalization and regulation on marijuana.


Konrad3 09.12.2013 20:51

Vote yes

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