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'Stop lying': Uruguay president chides UN official over marijuana law

14.12.2013 19:32

Uruguay’s president has accused the head of the UN’s International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) of lying and double standards, after the official claimed the country did not consult the anti-drug body before legalizing marijuana.

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Michael 14.02.2014 19:02

[quote name=Daniel Johnson: The UN needs to act in a democratic manner and stop being a mechanism for corrupt, self-interested professionals to expand their own function. [/quote] I agree with you except on the above point. The U.N. was created to be an oppressive body and an enemy of mankind. It is impossible for them to act in a democratic manner due to their Illuminist orientation. They should be disbanded because they are controlled by a secret cult dedicated to the destruction of mankind..


Raymond Rippman 04.02.2014 17:20

hooray uruquay


Anthony Neilly 04.01.2014 23:37

Way to go! Hip hop hooray for Pres. Mujica! What a wise man unafraid of imperialists to the north. If latin america continues on this path americans fed up with america may consider moving south and learning spanish.


Anthony Davis 26.12.2013 00:31

Way to go, Uruguay! LOL at the UN for thinking it has some relevancy. XD


Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn 24.12.2013 06:06

Some organizations are formed under a useful or good pretext and outlive their usage. This is clearly one of them. Just get rid of it completely and start over.

The Drug War has just destroyed justice. End it.
Criminal Justice is now doublespeak. Fix it.
Not every quasi-governmental organization needs to exist.

I agree that international drug policies for safety make sense. But the insane drug policies started by Harry Anslinger and made for insane sentances by Governor Nelson Rockefeller aren't it.


Trym Jonsen 19.12.2013 13:11

"Many people assume that marijuana was made illegal through some kind of process involving scientific, medical, and government hearings; that it was to protect the citizens from what was determined to be a dangerous drug.

The actual story shows a much different picture..."


mexander woodruff 17.12.2013 21:12

"Lying" means an organization with the word "Narcotics" ; in its title presuming to offer policy or statements about cannabis.


Brendon Blasz 17.12.2013 14:10

At what point does a soverign nation turn over their populace to an international governing body..NEVER!
Thi s is an issue of soverignty not drug law!


John Kane 17.12.2013 07:32

All the jerks at the U. N. Need to evaporate to their own farts! Step off on what countries decide what is best for themselves! the U.N. sucks sweaty pig genitals!


Daniel Johnson 17.12.2013 07:08

The UN undermines all the good it could do with the narcotics convention, and the process that keeps the drug laws in place is the living definition of corruption. The war on drugs is a crime against humanity, and the UN should be trying to end it instead of perpetuating it. If they reform the convention system to exclude people who make their living from prohibition, the problem would be solved. The UN needs to act in a democratic manner and stop being a mechanism for corrupt, self-interested professionals to expand their own function.


Delmar Meagher 17.12.2013 06:26

It is about time some body showed common sense to the use of marijuana. I hope other nations take note. Legislators can regulate what is added to the marijuana, and how much is consumed. It takes a large burden from prison systems and reduces law enforcement costs. I believe this is a more sensible approach than criminalization.


Brian Dean 17.12.2013 05:38

Ok we all know the Federalists here is America will never legalize. There are too many lobbyist protecting their precious cartels to let that happen. No amount of gov'y controlled weed or taxation will solve anything for us. They will continue to confiscate our wealth any way they can. So long as imbeciles are held up high, money is controlled, and we compete to be different, nothing will change.


R 17.12.2013 01:47

Allright, now that one world leader has stood up to the status-quo, who will be next?

All of the canadian politicians have admitted to smoking or eating it, but how many of them will stand up?

Cowards, the water is only cold, if you have no balls!

Reme mber the law does not stop it, it only makes it illegal!

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