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Uruguayan president signs bill legalizing marijuana trade

25.12.2013 10:29

Uruguayan President Jose Mujica has signed a bill legalizing the sale and production of the drug despite global criticism. The UN has condemned the bill as a violation of international law, while Mujica claims it will undercut the illegal drugs trade.

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Jon Rynearson 30.12.2013 06:01

I thought the USA was the freest country in the world? Sarcasim. Wish there more leaders like this guy, seems to good to be a real guy.


Paul Paul 27.12.2013 12:51

If a Noble Peace Prize means anything then President Mujica and his colleagues deserve one.
The drug war has poured billions into the hands of criminals and terrorists without ever reducing drug consumption, while only denying economy to the community and tax to the government, medicine to the sick and justice to the poor.
Uruguay's stand will prove that the real danger is the police state.
Ending the drug war will do more to address crime, corruption, violence, terrorism and war than anything else ever could.
Thanks to President Mujica we are finally on the path of ending this criminal war on people.


Rolo Tony 27.12.2013 08:49

It is more than just a little suspicious how seriously the United Nations takes it when a small population legalizes a plant.


Tom Greg 27.12.2013 07:32

Joe David Collins 25.12.2013 14:12

Should be an interesting test case for everyone else.


Exactly. Let's see how it plays out. Peace.


Gomez Umpierrez Jorge 27.12.2013 00:44

UN would be better if you take care of countries like USA invading other countries for oil and resources or Israel killing Palestinians to steal their land


Gomez Umpierrez Jorge 27.12.2013 00:42

Uruguay is a free country and don't need the UN permit to legislate on whatever Uruguay wants or need , UN is a joke also don't need permit prom USA or any other country around the world to legislate about any law Uruguay need to legislate .Im not in favor of marihuana consume but god bless my country and my president MUjica ,that law will aloud to have all marihuana users registered and all those who will need help for the consume, will have the attention they need, and also the estate will educate people to not consume especially children .


TheoG 26.12.2013 12:45

President Jose Mujica. Bless you.


South African Guy 26.12.2013 12:43

The United Stasi of America's "war on drugs" is nothing more than a money making machine. The DEA (>10.000 employees) is funded not by the government of the USA but by the confiscation of property belonging to people suspected of dealing or using drugs. That includes the drugs themselves. Therefore, the corporation called DEA stands to lose loads by legalising anything in the USA


Reverb 25.12.2013 20:44

The first of many.


Carson Lunn 25.12.2013 19:47

Merry Christmas Uruguay


Mike Sanders 25.12.2013 18:56

Hannah Newhouse Kennedy 25.12.2013 18:10

Move over, Putin. I've found a new favorite.


Me too I found a new favourite, his name is Barack Hussein Obama


Hannah Newhouse Kennedy 25.12.2013 18:10

Move over, Putin. I've found a new favorite.


Riwen 25.12.2013 17:59

This will clearly make Uruguay a better place... not.


goedelite 25.12.2013 17:44

Comments by Americans are often in very poor English. Excusable on the part of non-English speakers, but for those who seem to have gone to school in the US, their broken English is an indication of how little US schools achieve.


Dèsirèe Hafstad 25.12.2013 16:17

Dèsirèe Hafstad. Isn't it funny? Its always those whom oppose a new law that are affraid of loosing its own power. INCB are affraid the positive results from this legalisation will make their words wothless. Go UY. Show the world you are an idenpendent country and UN/NU can go /&%¤#" themselves!


Edgar Colebrook 25.12.2013 15:53

All the wasted Time, money, Lives and man Power that America is wasting, Is for me the Proof that this is smart, some time I ask my self if our Leaders did not learn nothing in School, because They dont Have any Common sense.


Joe David Collins 25.12.2013 14:12

Should be an interesting test case for everyone else.

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