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US moves to address Brazil, Mexico concerns after tapping scandal

06.09.2013 04:05

US President Barack Obama has pledged to work with Brazil and Mexico to address their concerns over US spying revealed in recent NSA leaks. The agency was alleged to have intercepted emails sent by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

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Snooping Iswrong 15.09.2013 08:29

That's what you get when you deal with the evil empire: if you oppose them, they will kill and loot you. If you collaborate with them, they will do the same!!! (but covertly). And on top of that they will loathe you for being a coward and a collaborator.


traditional1 08.09.2013 16:31

Mexico wants an apology?! Millions of illegals from their country have slithered into the U.S. to breed & lower the standard of living, & they want an apology? California is already a cesspool in many of it's cities as direct result of. Now it's spreading to the other states. Mexico's filth is ruining America. Only more ridiculous, is our own government for allowing it to happen. 9000 U.S citizens die at the hand of illegal aliens per year, & our government does NOTHING! Yet they want to paint some picture that they are concerned about the deaths of a few Al-Queda terrorist in Syria?!? What a total and complete joke!


Juan Rodrigo Capurro 06.09.2013 18:26

Well, what can I tell you. US is not the world police. We can condemn but I don't think we should attack.
We have too bad reputation in the whole world by doing things like this.
I don't think the interests of the US are involved. We should not have interests in those Muslim countries.
Priva te companies have interest in the whole world but not the government or the people of the US.
We have friends and we have foes.
We should help our friends and fight with words with our foes.


Carlos Gomez 06.09.2013 14:05

well of course ! Its Biz As Usual. Did anyone else see the FLAW in John Kerry's pitch to the citizen's of the U.S.? About how Chem Weapon's have been outlawed since WW I ? Citing the despicable use of them an droning on & on to the people, but leaving out critical info that during the 60's an early 70's the U.S. dropped napalm on Vietnam? (the idea here is simple: You only get intel when its convenient for the Administration to give it.) So, again, we will see the NSA scandal be shadowed by all the hype of a "TERRIFYING WAR " THAT MUST TAKE PLACE ! Forget Darfur while the theme indifference was taken !


WorkTogether 06.09.2013 08:41

Obama's US never apologizes to other countries, only kisses & bows to the Saudi's and gives $billions to the Muslim Brotherhood. While betraying old friends & partners all over the globe with it's secret & corrupt NSA spying, the USgov was concurrently gun running in Benghazi & hugging terrorist enemies of the United States of America to it's bosom as US' new human organ-eating friends. USgov's NWO agenda is to turn the world into a Prison Planet. USgov is the traitor of the World & we all know what happens to traitors, don't we?


WorkTogether 06.09.2013 08:29

Obombo would do well to remember that when he points a finger at other countries, three of his fingers are pointing back at him & the US! The stench of the US' mulatto's only this year are suffusing the world with its disgusting reek. Whereas Obama's secretive & ever increasingly totalitarian presidency as well as his "policeman of the planet" antics first left world leaders stunned & aghast, this has now deepened into full blown anger, outrage & absolute disgust. Questions on all lips are why the US is tolerating the arrogant unilateral actions of this potus & why he has not summarily been removed from office yet?


Sashka26FW 06.09.2013 07:46

Well, US does not apologize..especiall y IF they break international law and etiquette .. US takes pride in breaching laws and humiliating citizens of the world.. to them this is like AIR..

But thankfully we have the option to tell them to go to a place that never shines and keep telling them that until they get the message.

US must start acting in civilized way,for too long they have behaved in a most barbaric way and its time the world community disciplines them like a good parent must discipline a violent aggressive child who does not respect his parents and community around him..

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