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Video: Afghans stone US drone

31.01.2014 11:54

Footage of what appears to be a group of cheering Afghans stoning a wreck of a Predator drone appeared on the internet.

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ERTZ .Myriam 26.06.2014 01:49

This looks like the stoning of the devil in Makkah during Hajj!!


William Burke 03.02.2014 04:38

Gaming history will record this as the very first game of WHACK-A-DRONE ever played.


Randy Penn 02.02.2014 09:50

Amazingly only Eddy seems to have a brain. Not only is this a bad copy of a clone but as a crash site it is missing evidence of a crash. Not one stone or bit of sand has been moved around the area. It is as if it was dropped carefully down on the ground. I did not know drones could hover and drop carefully down to the ground without disturbing anything. Missing parts, no parts crumpled, come on. This is no crashed drone - it is a setup for propaganda.


Kevin Quinn 01.02.2014 20:48

Laughing and cheering? Usually that would come right before the laser-guided munitions that destroy tthe droner before it falls into enemy hands. The Afghans were laughing and cheering about a leaking gasloline tanker truck when a NATO airstrike, called in by German troops 'lit everything up'.

Obviou sly this one was 'lost'.

Rel atedly: At a recent US gun show, a 20 mm 'anti-drone rifle' was a featured star of the show. Don't tell us the Talies have one of those already.


Dave R. Summers 01.02.2014 15:53

Viewing the video tape reminded me of our own U S Congress at work securing the problems they tackle head on. Even the camera man had to dodge the rocks as they made progress. The degree of satisfaction on their face & in their voice is so very much the same expression of pleasure, pride, & attention to duty for the impacts they have generated.


Eddy 01.02.2014 08:13

I remain skeptical about the claim this drone was shot down. There is no engine/propeller or indeed any portion of the rear of the aircraft, the fuselage itself has not crumpled, nor have the wings themselves separated from the fuselage which IMHO, is rather strange for a 'shot down' aircraft.
I'd like to see further investigation of this incident to hopefully verify that it has indeed been shot down.


The hidden history 01.02.2014 03:56

[quote name='Rak on' time='01.02.2014 00:43']So this is how the US hands over its drone technology...[/quote ]



Zeitgeisttt 01.02.2014 02:06

Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr 31.01.2014 21:42

Obama is a worthless piece of excrement!


Ex crement has more value than Obama...


Albert Scuttlebutt 31.01.2014 23:03

David v. Goliath ?


Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr 31.01.2014 21:42

Obama is a worthless piece of excrement!


Joe DeGregorio 31.01.2014 20:32

The Majority of the American people don't condone what President Obama is doing. He's flying them over America as well.
What we don't like is the attacks on our civilians by the hard core Islamists.
Attac king us civilians only brings more wrath from our Government.
We are not your enemy, the real enemy is the Politicians who have betrayed us all.
Leave us, innocent civilians, out of your attacks. We've done nothing to deserve your attacks.


Anita Funseth 31.01.2014 17:36

these people behind the drones are cowards hiding behind a machine to do the murder for them


Anita Funseth 31.01.2014 17:34

yup its a good thing to battle the enemy no matter what form they want to take, do unto others as they would do unto you if they only could do it to the controllers of the murders they commit


SnotDog 31.01.2014 16:41

Never too early to start practicing for WW4.


john robert roworth 31.01.2014 14:16

Technology versus the stone.


Varun Gupta 31.01.2014 12:52

Expect the Chinese and Iranians to arrive at the scene and copy it...especially the Chinese, US should make better drones atleast, no wonder Europe are making their own Drones...even Iran has made some impressive ones.(Israel,US,EU,C hina all make Drones...but only Russia is not wasting money on this useless junk :))


Varun Gupta 31.01.2014 12:46

LOL...maybe sometime in the future we see Taliban drones flying towards US bases? ;p

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