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US lifts ban on gadget exports to Iran ahead of elections

31.05.2013 07:33

The US has announced it is easing sanctions on Iran, allowing exports of computers, cellphones and software to individuals. The move comes ahead of presidential election to be held next month.

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Anonymous user 10.06.2013 06:58

The best chance of US of moderating Iran - supporting Economic growth of Middle class, now all poor

Anonymous user 10.06.2013 06:56

Seriously, and w/economic sanctions, how will the destitute Iranians buy these? Nice Try Obama!

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 05:13

Iranians will unknowingly upload pics of iran terrain on fb 2 be covertly analysed

Anonymous user 01.06.2013 21:40

When they couldn't buy US products, they bought directly from the Chinese source. No big deal.


citizen777 01.06.2013 20:24

Looks like Apple got their way with the tax havens AND selling to Iran. All part of our government's "no corporate campaign donor left behind" program.

Anonymous user 01.06.2013 18:50

Whoever is elected will not be an US lapdog. Obama will fail as usual.

Anonymous user 01.06.2013 17:46

Looks like US also transferred some money to anti-Iranian trolls. Their activity increased sharply.

Anonymous user 01.06.2013 16:41

Soon, Iranians will be free of fascism. Help is on the WAY. Hope is on the WAY.

Anonymous user 01.06.2013 16:38

IAF F-16 & F-15 with 5th generation Israeli made avionics are ready to carry out its sacred mission.

Anonymous user 01.06.2013 16:30

US lifted ban to spy & undermine Iran's election by supporting opposition. Iran should keep ban on.

Anonymous user 01.06.2013 13:42

Lol Appe products are available np in Iran.....


Boris 01.06.2013 12:12

US Hypocrisy! Is this just an attempt by the US of securing more oil supplies? What does Israel have to say about it?

Anonymous user 01.06.2013 12:06

Dogs who bark usually don't bite.

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