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Russian hackers charged in 'biggest' data breach case, 160mn credit card numbers stolen

25.07.2013 14:21

A US court has charged four Russians and a Ukrainian for stealing more than 160 million credit card numbers, which the prosecution says has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in losses for major corporations worldwide.

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Anonymous user 28.07.2013 09:42

Isn't it funny that these guys will probably get more time than the would if they killed someone?

Anonymous user 28.07.2013 06:25

Credit card companies are the thieves with interest rates just below the loan sharking threshold.

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 21:46

RT's obviously on Holliday. Insults are slacking. Or perhaps the 'School-Boys' returned home.

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 17:17

The U.S. and Russia were working on this together; good news.

Anonymous user 26.07.2013 08:04

Everywhere are thieves . U.S. has a lot too....

Anonymous user 26.07.2013 07:13

3:08: And, you of RT, is obviously one of the hackers. We know the real hacking nature of this site

Anonymous user 26.07.2013 07:12

Difference between a hacker & a theif. Theyre hackers...bankers & their Govt minions are the thieves

Anonymous user 26.07.2013 06:03

Pathetic figure compared to what banks are stealing from their costumers.

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 23:05

Sure they committed a crime, so what? Not like they murdered someone. NSA commits numerous crimes.

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 22:21

Just think how much corporations steal from people by forcing everyone to pay for every transaction.

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 22:19

NSA sells the data obtained by PRISM and who is to blame? Of course, Russian and Chineese hackers.

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 22:05

Oh the corporations lost millions, what a... tragedy?

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 20:47

Thou Shalt Not Steal.

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 20:41

Isn't Russia great? Thieves...

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 20:41

I lowered my credit limit on my card to €2000 and I may lower it again.

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 20:36

Well I think the Mexican corrupted the Russians. Anyhow they seem to be learning about capitalism...

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 18:01

so that's what happened with my last two credit card informations! fortunately, i've very low credit

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 17:21

Banksters can steal & not be charged but hackers can be charged. USA is a very confused nation.

Anonymous user 25.07.2013 17:04

Russia and Ukraine still united, still partners, still one.

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