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‘Substantial’ Iran nuclear talks set ground for ‘tangible results’ at next P5+1 meeting

26.09.2013 22:43

A sense of enthusiasm and caution has overcome members of the P5+1 delegation following a historical discussion on Iran’s nuclear program on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York. The next round of negotiations is scheduled in October.

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Leon Angelopoulos 28.09.2013 11:21

If you did some actual research on Iran's Nuclear Program you would have maybe found out about one of their leading Nuclear Physicists, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe who spent the last 30 or more years of his life in the field of Nuclear Science. He has successfully built a Plasma Reactor which is perfectly safe and can produce more energy for longer time than anything we know of today. The US wants to use the Nuclear War threat to stop this from happening by saying they are making Nuclear Weapons. This is his website


Ajax Lessome 28.09.2013 05:07

Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism, on the verge of acquiring the world’s most dangerous weapon, and the single greatest threat to the security of the Middle East.Rouhani is probably just buying Iran’s nuclear engineers as time to get closer to their goal of a weapon that would destabilize the Middle East.


logan 27.09.2013 07:52

i have been heard on middleast's peace that it is the best offer ever now...


paul paul 27.09.2013 07:37

that should say: I wouldnt mind.


paul paul 27.09.2013 07:37

I like Iran more than Israel.

I think Iran definitely deserves nuclear power if the Iranians think so (and they do).

In fact I would mind if they did get nukes (which I think they wont).

A few nukes would stabilize the region.
Israel and Saudi Arabia would finally shut their lips.


ivon dacosta 27.09.2013 03:30

THERE IS TALKING TO BE DONE YES, how much allownce must be paid to talkers. the whole nulear talks is biggest farce forced on people of the world for so long that many believethere may be some thing in it .it is a smoke screen for isreal possessing the weapons. talking should be done in israel , for israel to declare its weapons of mass destrution including nuclear ones .for that allowence plus over time be paid to talkers. incidently why germany a hooligan nation is in the talks there should be india and brazil to give it some status of non stunt talks.


Autonomous 27.09.2013 02:53

They are displaying the tapestry of Guernica in the photo of Zarif.

On 5 February 2003 a large blue curtain was placed to cover this work at the UN, so that it would not be visible in the background when Colin Powell and John Negroponte gave press conferences at the United Nations. Afterwords a few diplomats, in talks with journalists, claimed that the Bush Administration pressured UN officials to cover the tapestry, rather than have it in the background while Powell or other US diplomats argued for war on Iraq.


Salan Kid 27.09.2013 01:30

its a landmark ,once Israel destroys its weapons , life in that region will be more prosperous ,specially for the Palestinians , this has to include a free Palestinian state , , Israel must disarm , no other ways to achieve peace ,


Unbiased Observer 27.09.2013 01:16

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is a very smart man indeed. He realizes the best way to upset Israel is to portay himself to the world as the good guy and Netanyahu as the loud mouthed lunatic running around with nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Once this matter is dealt with and the sanctions are lifted Iran will undoubtably receive huge amounts of military hardware from Russia including the S-300 or the brand new S-400.

P5+1 ? The five permanent members + Germany.

Surely a country like Germany that allows US foreign military bases to set up across their counrty can become a permanent member?


Soor Kafir 27.09.2013 00:38

It is in the interest of the US to have friendly relations with Iran. The Iranians are moderate. While the present friends of the US are supporting the extremist forces of Islam which the US should never trust. They US should not support them in Syria.
And Iran should never give up its rights to achieve nuclear technoloyg. This is thier right on which they should never compromise.


David 27.09.2013 00:32

This means that they already have nuclear weapons! Do not believe them. It is not the sanctions. They have nukes already and are yanking our chains, so to speak. Geez. People are so gullible.


OhJustStop 27.09.2013 00:30

This is encouraging. We here in the USA would love to see a peaceful solution with Iran, who used to be one of our allies. I have many friends that are of Iranian descent, and it tears them apart that our two countries have been foes since the Shah was deposed. In any case, I think this is extremely positive, and I have high hopes for the Iranian president and the Iranian people. Cheers!

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